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UKC Articles - on 03 Jan 2012
Kevin Thaw on his home crag of Wimberrry - on Charm - E3, 4 kbKevin Thaw is one of the UK's most accomplished all around climbers.

He has climbed Everest, made first ascents of 8b/+ sport routes and Font 8A boulder problems in America, broken bones trying to onsight a protection-less gritstone E8, sped up Alpine north faces, pushed the limits in Patagonia and climbed some of El Capitan's most demanding aid routes.

In this interview we find out a bit more about Kevin, his life as a professional climber, and why David Beckham's lawyer wasn't too pleased with Kevin's 2007 Everest Expedition...

Read more at http://www.ukclimbing.com/articles/page.php?id=4327

johncoxmysteriously - on 03 Jan 2012
In reply to UKC Articles:

>Although I must admit the paper mill just down valley did leave a bit of residual flavour on one's pallet following a day ...

After a doss at the crag, presumably?!

Doug on 03 Jan 2012
In reply to johncoxmysteriously: Pity the dates on the photos are when uploaded rather than when taken although that seems a general problem with all articles - maybe where its of interest, the date could be in the caption in future ?
Henry Iddon - on 03 Jan 2012
In reply to UKC Articles:

And of course there is Kev's friendship with Elvis....
steve edwards on 03 Jan 2012 - 174-23-131-102.slkc.qwest.net
In reply to Doug: I could date a few of those as I took at least one of them. Brach Dance was my photo, circa '95. Ma Dalton was Alex Hague, early 90s I believe. Crap, now I can't remember them all. The digger he took was in the early 2000s, which took most of us by surprise because he falls like a cat and constantly used to walk away from things that would have left me in the hospital. We didn't think that he could get hurt.

Psyched to see this. Kevin deserves any press he gets.
RBK - on 04 Jan 2012
In reply to UKC Articles: I'm assuming he's climbed Scottish VIII and M8 at some point making him an 'all the 8's' completer??

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