/ Is a TNF Optimus jacket warmer than a montane prism

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Oscar - on 15 Jan 2012
As the title says really. I have a montane prism which is great, now looking for something a bit warmer. Recently missed out on a montane flux.
There are a few TNF optimus jackets around, but can someone let me know if they would be warmer than the prism.
brianblock - on 15 Jan 2012
In reply to Oscar: I would say the Optimus would be warmer than the prism for sure. I have a flux and would not swap it for the Optimus though.
TobyA on 15 Jan 2012
In reply to Oscar: Do you mean the Redpoint Optimus? I think TNF use optimus to mean hooded - there is just a Redpoint with no hood, and then a something-else Optimus which is down.

I have the Redpoint Optimus - its done pretty good service although I don't think it's got the best hood.

You can probably take an educated guess at relative warmth of the two jackets by looking at the amount of insulation - TNF says: 100 g PrimaLoft® One http://eu.thenorthface.com/tnf-eu-en/men-s-redpoint-optimus-jacket-2.html?colour=614 Montane says the Prism is 40g per metre so its a much lighter jacket. I'd have a look at the RAB photon jacket. Slightly heavier insulation than the Redpoint (so a little warmer I guess) but a much better hood. I reviewed a slightly older version of the RAB http://www.ukclimbing.com/gear/review.php?id=2685 and really liked it - they've just added a touch more primaloft since then.
Fluvial - on 15 Jan 2012
In reply to TobyA:

I would include the haglof primalof jacket that looks pretty decent for the price though the rab alpine gnerator seems best in test. The TNF by wieght of Primaloft should be warmer my Prism 2 is great but no good in a cold wind at Burbage.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.