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UKC Articles - on 14 Feb 2012
Ester Whitehead making short work of the sustained pitch 2, 4 kbLes Larmes du Chaos is a superb four pitch ice climb in one of the 'must visit' valleys for all ice-climbers.

In this article British Mountain Guide and leading alpinist Jon Bracey gives us all the info we need.

Read more at http://www.ukclimbing.com/articles/page.php?id=4449

troglodyte - on 15 Feb 2012
In reply to UKC Articles:

Great place, with bucketloads of atmosphere and routes facing south and north.

In good nick now, and the walk in is well tracked and snow reasonably consolidated. (Although some Les 2 Alpes lifts are on standby due to wind...)

ice-fall.com now includes conditions for Diable and Veneon too.
NeilGriffiths - on 21 Feb 2012
In reply to troglodyte:
Beware windslab on the supposed 'safer' lower slopes. The 16th Feb saw dangerous wind slab on both sides! One punter was lucky to escape with a 300ft ride, partial burial and luckily no injuries approaching the 'Larmes de Chaos' area. I would have thought a mountain guide in his article may have mentionned these dangers rather than an 'all fun in the sun' type original article.

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