/ number 4 gully, ben nevis, sunday.

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peebles boy - on 26 Mar 2012
drop me your email address and i'll send you through the photos i got of you pair in the gully. the mountainbike back out option comes thoroughly recomended by the way!!!
Al Todd - on 26 Mar 2012
In reply to peebles boy: pm sent, cheers
IainMunro on 29 Mar 2012
In reply to peebles boy:

How was No.4? Any icy/bare bits to look out for or complete into the coire?

peebles boy - on 30 Mar 2012
In reply to munri:

sorry,not been online this week,but if you're still after info:

number 3 and 4 gully both complete all the way into the coire floor, number three has the better looking snow (a lot less hacked up by footsteps) but a fairly steep top section. number four is opposite- fairly good entry to gully but pretty hacked up and rough from foot traffic.

hope this helps.

Al Todd - on 14 Apr 2012
video and pics of no 3 & 4 gully's from a couple of weeks ago


A lot of snow has fallen in the past week so conditions are now far more typical for the time of year

Roy on 14 Apr 2012 - 82-69-53-65.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk
In reply to Al Todd:

Nice one.
Should of ditched the awful music on the video footage, would have been nice to hear the ski/snow sound better.

That’s the problem with most "personal" videos; a personal taste in music over a video and completely ruin it. We all do it

graeme gatherer - on 22 Apr 2012
In reply to munri: Skied no.4 this evening. 3-6 inches of powder on top of a firm base throughout the top 100m then a rapid transition to typical spring snow all the way down to the lochan. No. 3 looks fine too. Still loads of snow. Beautiful walk in but got a soaking on the way out!

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