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djwilse - on 28 Mar 2012
Hi all
I am involved in a short trip to Oman with a corporate group. We are using a local provider for a canyonning activity (Snake canyon, South of Muscat) and doing a bit of trekking around. As part of my 'due diligence' I need to check a few things out for myself and was hoping the UKC collective could help!
Anyone had any experience of using search and rescue services in Oman, what realistically exists, what is the best way to contact them?
What is the mobile phone coverage like generally (would prefer not to have to take a Sat Phone)?
We are going early May, which will be hot but hopefully bearable.
Any other tips/things to watch out for/ contacts for the area etc

Many thanks in advance.
Becky E - on 28 Mar 2012
In reply to djwilse: Hmm, could be getting a bit warm in May...
As for rescue services, I gather they're minimal: see here http://www.omanclimbing.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=738
Your "local provider" should be able to provide you with this information surely?
djwilse - on 30 Mar 2012
In reply to Becky E:
Thanks for that. I have been discussing this with the provider but also wanted to get some independent opinions too.
Anyone else had any experience?
Keendan - on 30 Mar 2012
robbie Warke - on 30 Mar 2012
In reply to djwilse: I would check but I understand that the Oman government have just closed all the via ferrata for some reason. You may want to check that everything else is ok.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.