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ajsaddacs - on 13 Apr 2012
Hi, I'm looking for a light , but cheap running backpack to carry book, trousers, phone , empty sandwich box and perhaps a few bits more. The Inov8 Race Pro packs look good what I can see on line (the 12Litre one seems popular) though cheapest I can get it for is about £43. I'd be grateful for som help with size of backpack and a cheap one say upto £30 as I'm a novice. Weight ideally not above 600g.
PeterM - on 13 Apr 2012
ajsaddacs - on 13 Apr 2012
Than you Peter,
Some good ideas there.
The Walkabout 12L pack at £17 seems quite good and it's only 200g (not sure if that's a mistake). Disadv: no mesh side pockets or belt pockets.

Decathlon : Trail 10 L rucksack at £20 plus £4 postage seems quite good too and not to heavy at 550g.

Is there one from here you would choose , considering I'm a novice with noone else to ask.

PeterM - on 13 Apr 2012
In reply to ajsaddacs:

I bought this but use it mainly on my bike:

I've looked at this in the shop and it is pretty light. Some good features and a good price:http://www.mountainwarehouse.com/hiking/backpacks/small-12l-25l/-attivo-active-bag-p5645.aspx?cl=BLA...

It'll be down to fit and requirements, e.g. the Trail 17 is probably more durable than tehAttivo, but the Attivo lighter. For budget sacs they're pretty good.
Liam M - on 13 Apr 2012
In reply to ajsaddacs: Over the last few months I've done a lot of running and cycling to/from work (approx 5mile at a time) with an Alpkit Gourdon 20, and was pleasantly surprised at how well it performs.

I'd bought it wanting a dry bag in case I was commuting in a deluge and not expecting much, but was surprised to find it one of the most comfortable rucsacs I've used, especially for running - it seems to sit a lot more stable than most I've tried.

The only issues I've found are that having just a single compartment, things like keys have a habit of migrating to the bottom and so can be an arse to find at times, and if fairly empty I struggle to get the compression straps to close in quite tight enough and I can feel some things moving inside. That's not really an issue if there are enough clothes in to damp out the motion though.
ajsaddacs - on 13 Apr 2012
In reply to PeterM: Thanks Peter, Do you know the weight of the Attivo?
Steff - on 13 Apr 2012
In reply to ajsaddacs:

I have used various Decathlon models, currently this one:


They have worked very well for me, but tend to fall apart after a while. It would have to fall apart for times though to justify the price of a similar Salomon model for example. Similar light weight modes, such as the Raidlight ones also have a reputation for falling apart, so I think the durability issues are mainly due to the lightweight construction, not the cheap price.
Oli Greg - on 20 May 2012
In reply to ajsaddacs:
Can recommend the Trespass Ultra 22 sack, use it for mountain biking rather than running and find it comfortable and stable.
Got mine from an auction site for £13 and I noticed in a Trespass shop last week they were selling them for £15.


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