/ Whats Black Rocks like for bouldering?

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gcandlin - on 15 Apr 2012
May be having an unexpected trip to black rocks today, whats the bouldering like there (dont have my ropes!)

Also is it quite close together as may have a young one

Any topo's kicking around as i don't have any of my guide books with me.
EricH - on 15 Apr 2012
In reply to gcandlin: There a few problems at the base of/start to routes on the first wall you come to (near Gaia/Demon wall), some easy but not great stuff on the railway boulder (on disused railway further along from parking) and also some good highball routes like Golden Days and, for the able, Velvet silence (just round the corner to the right of 1st wall).

Well worth a visit, but don't expect much below V4 and everything feels nails!
Offwidth - on 15 Apr 2012
In reply to gcandlin:

Ignore Eric H. The bouldering left of the railway slab and on the slab block itself is good albeit high and polished in places (Vo- to V4) there is some obvious V0ish stuff on the base of Quarry buttress opposite. This is all ideal with kids if you have a short rope (15m would do). There is a good area above the east of the north face (Upper Rocks) with about 20 good problems mainly V0- to V3. Head up the eastern descent route for the North face and at the top contour NE for about 50m (with kids you may prefer to take a longer but less scrambly approach round the south of the Golden days block then head NE uphill for about 50m then contour as before). West Face and Golden Days area is a bit highball but you can do the starts and jump off. End Slab is brilliant with kids on a short rope. If you look in the BMC Froggatt guide there is much more obscure stuff as well.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.