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Ryan Simpson on 29 Apr 2012 - host217-42-93-234.range217-42.btcentralplus.com
So... Im buying a van. Im looking for a bit of advice from thise in the know. At my budget (6-7 grand) i can get a 57 plate transporter on around 80k miles, or a 58 plate vivaro on around 50k miles.

Now, the common advice seems to be that the transporter is a better van all round, so should i buy the older transporter with the higher miles on the theory that it is still the better van? Or isnt it?

Van will be used for the normal, bed etc in the back for uk climbing and for alpine trips etc.

Thanks, Ryan
NIGBEE on 29 Apr 2012
In reply to IrishRyan:

Opinion will be completly split between the VW lovers and haters.

I have a T5 thats just clocked 200,000 miles on a 53 plate and love it

I would also have a Vivaro when the T5 dies.

Buy the one that makes you happy not what other people like
Kelcat - on 29 Apr 2012
In reply to IrishRyan: Hi, I looked at both these vans & considered exactly your question. In the end I went for the transporter - as much as anything it was the really wide availability of accessories (mines a camper) & also I just found it a nicer drive.
In the two examples you've given the mileage difference isnt as high as the ones I was looking at; the VW is on 16k pa versus 12.5k for the Vivaro.
One thing that did crop up a lot on the campervan forums was that the Vivaros can suffer from major issues with the gearbox & clutch - normally reported around the 80k mark.
Enty - on 29 Apr 2012
In reply to IrishRyan:

My 2002 Vivaro has done 250k (km) 4 years ago the injectors went and that cost over a grand - other than that it's been ace and I'm currently looking for a newer replacement for this winter.

martinph78 on 29 Apr 2012
In reply to IrishRyan: What MPG's are you guys gettinG?

I've just put my Discovery van up for sale and have been looking around today.
Jim Lancs on 29 Apr 2012
Had a Vivaro since new (52 plate) and done 110000 miles without problem.

Have a three year old Transporter at work which has been plagued by electrical problems from new.

Vivaro drives much better.

Can get 40 mpg from the Vivaro if you try and mind how you drive and keep to a shown 70 mph max. Get 35 mpg if you drive any-old-how, including 80mph on the motorway, etc.
Cuthbert on 29 Apr 2012
In reply to IrishRyan:

Depends what engine is in the Vivaro. The 1.9 can have issues but the 2.0 is good.
martinph78 on 29 Apr 2012
In reply to Jim Lancs: Thanks, not good enough mpg for me then. Need to be getting much higher mpg to make selling the disco more bareable

Cheers, Martin
Dax H - on 29 Apr 2012
In reply to IrishRyan: More room in the back of the Vivaro/traffic/primastar than the VW and much nicer to drive in my opinion.
Going back to 2005 I chose a traffic over a transporter and did about 150k miles in 5 years and it was faultless. I sold it and got a transit (please dont) and last year I got shut of the transit and got another traffic.
Tom W - on 29 Apr 2012
In reply to IrishRyan:

We have a Peugeot Boxer (newer shape), and its been faultless. 36 mpg and loads of room in the back.

My friend has a 53 plate t4 and has had loads go wrong on it. Must have spent a fortune! Another friends t5 gearbox went just after they bought it for 6k.

I'd always fancied a transporter but not sure I'd bother now, and they seem dearer to buy.
Cuthbert on 30 Apr 2012
In reply to Tom W:

I've just checked my MPG which I calculate as 38mpg. This is a Trafic LWB High Roof.
Tony Simpson - on 01 May 2012
In reply to IrishRyan: Hi all,
I Looked at many vans last year and spent a lot of time on the forums doing research. Nearly bought a merc but was then made aware of all the rust and breakdown issues since production was taken to Spain.
Also looked at Renault, Peugeot and Nissan. Did not go with Renault as the engine was the same as the one I had in a scenic some years ago which needed replacing after only 139k miles due to the engine using oil, Renault actually state this engine burns oil, so why is it sold if there is a fault with it. The peugeot was very good but I found it difficult to find anyone who would professionally convert it and add a pop top to it.
So ended up with a T5 as you have VGA reliability and was lots around. I went for the t30 version so it would take the weight of a full conversion easily, also made the choice of the 2.5 tdi 130 bph so that I got good econ plus power for the hills ( a friend has a 1.9 which is let down by power when pulling up hills) and a six speed box for smoother running.
Lots of plus points, but now the down sides. Service and running costs are high, just had its first service with me(140k full service £210 not at vw either) usually the 2nd stuff is worked hard so you will find some problems, mine has a turbo oil leak, but still runs fine and returns 40+ mpgs.
Overall I can only say I would buy another t5 straight off.

Hope this helps
ripper - on 01 May 2012
In reply to IrishRyan: I always fancy a Merc Vito...
simonzxr - on 01 May 2012
In reply to IrishRyan:

I've just bought a 57 Transporter 174 but was originally looking at Vito's. In my opinion (and I don't buy into the VW lover rubbish) the Vito is a better van (post 06 mind to avoid rust issues) to drive and be in and is generally better spec'd but the Transporter is a better camper because of all the info and parts available. Both vans will hold their value better than the Vivaro but are both more expensive initially. I think you'll be lucky to find a good condition VW for 6-7 grand (after VAT) with under 100K on the clock especially a 57.

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