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wkrzys - on 03 May 2012

I'm planning my first trip out to the alps in early June. I'm looking to base myself out of Saas Grund and do some stuff like the Via Ferratas, or the Dri Hornli, and maybe the Weissmies.

Can anyone suggest a good guidebook that covers that region that I can get hold of?

I know Valais Alps East is meant to be good, but its 50 quid on amazon?!

Many thanks
MG - on 03 May 2012
In reply to wkrzys: If you read some French (you don't need much) the SAC selected guide to the Valais is very good. Even the pictures alone are fine. Probably not far off £50 equivalent though.
Blinder - on 03 May 2012
In reply to wkrzys: The Valais east only cover alpine routes. There is an SAC rock guide ( Oberwallis ) which covers the rock routes in the vally but that is 58 CHF. Probally your best bet is the Schweiz plaisir WEST which is 48 CHF which is a selective guide but cover routes on the Dri Hornli and the Jaghorn.

Scholes on 03 May 2012 - whois?
I was in Saas last summer following some friends around. When the weather was bad up top we strolled into a shop in Saas Grund and they had a small stack of guidebooks up for grabs. Small guidebook and in German but well detailed pictures and grades etc of what we assumed was most of the area. Might be what you want, unfortunetly I didn't keep a copy but I'm sure that would be of some use.
wkrzys - on 04 May 2012
Thanks guys for your help - I'll see if I can track any of those down, otherwise may just be what I can get in Saas Grund

Thanks again
BruceM - on 04 May 2012
In reply to wkrzys:
Not used where you are based, but I used to get those AC books from the London Libs. Great free guidebook loan service. Pretty sure I go the Valais East from Islington Lib.
jhw - on 04 May 2012
If you're in London you may be able to actually call up the AC and visit in person to get the Valais East book from their Charlotte St office. That was the only way I could get my hands on a copy.
Blinder - on 05 May 2012
In reply to wkrzys: If you are still stuck nearer the time. Give me a shout. As I have most of the guidebooks and have a house 15 mins from Saas Grund.
RockShock on 05 May 2012
In reply to wkrzys:


I just happen to have bought a new Valais Alps East in Madrid in Desnivel (http://www.libreriadesnivel.com/libros/valais-alps-east-selected-climbs/9780900523625/) bookshop for 25EUR (1999 edition), so 50GBP sounds like a killer.

You can try looking at http://www.libreriadesnivel.com/condicionesdeenvio/#b at making the counts: 28EUR for book plus 18EUR of shipping costs still works out less than 50 quid - mind you I seem to have taken the last book from the shelf so not sure if they have any more available in the bookstore (the webpag says you have to wait max 10 days for availability).

You can give it a try, perhaps some of your friends will be in Madrid before you go to the Alps and could get you this book (you could call and reserve one) - long shot, but looking at the book itself well worth a try!


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