/ Caving Expedition Lecture in Cardiff, Thurs 10th May

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joelc - on 09 May 2012
For anyone who's bored this Thursday evening (10th May) I'll be doing a presentation about the exploits of the Dachstein Caving Expedition Team deep under the mountains of the Austrian Alps in our long-term search for the deepest cave in the world! It covers the last couple of years exploring the deep potholes that we're pushing during the summer, the diving project of the winter trips into the Hirlatz & our dreams of connecting the two.

Very informal, totally lacking in political-correctness & a blatant recruitment drive for this summer's expedition so all are welcome (including non-students, obviously). Primarily aimed at cavers but I figure that they're an endangered species so everyone's invited (and the Dachstein boasts some gnarly climbing too)! It's also free which can't be bad (although you're welcome to make a donation to the South & Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team).

Venue:the Aneurin Bevan Room, 4th Floor Cardiff Uni Athletics Union at about 8pm. Not sure about parking but I imagine it's easy enough.....

More details will be on Facebook:

dunnyg - on 09 May 2012
In reply to joelc: if it has picutres of peachey i might make the trip down....
joelc - on 09 May 2012
In reply to dunnyg: Yes, young Peachy Bin-liner plays a role in the tale ;-)

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