/ Problem with Evolv lining?

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54ms - on 15 May 2012
Quite dissapointed, the lining of my Evolv Pontas ripped on me at the crag the other day. Just as they were to that nice broken in "slipper" feel. Loads of rubber left on the toes though!

Never had it happen to me, it's normally the soles that go first, but has also happened to a mate's Shamens. Has anyone else had it happen to them? Is this a particular Evolv problem or do other brands also suffer?
diddler - on 15 May 2012
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Never had this problem, its always the toes that go first for me. But I get atleast 6 months of extensive usage out of them. Actually thinking about stocking up on the old pontas because I like them so much.
mkean - on 15 May 2012
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Yep! My Defys tore straight across the widest part of the foot. They seem to use a thinner lining than 5.10. (I've torn 5.10 linings at the stitches but never across the fabric.)
Dave 88 - on 15 May 2012
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Get them now then. I got a pair for £50 today but places are running out fast.
willriseley on 15 May 2012 - host109-157-162-119.range109-157.btcentralplus.com
In reply to 54ms: had the inside heel seem on my pair of talons go within a session and the shop changed them straight away, no problems since
54ms - on 15 May 2012
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I paid close to full price for them before they started being discounted! I got a pair of Bandits as their eventual replacement, but was hoping to get a fair bit more use from the Pontas before the Bandits became my main shoes!

I'm curious if anyone else has suffered the same problems with other brands of rock shoes? Seems a shame as I like Evolvs, but don't think I'll buy another pair if it seems to be a common fault.

Cold Mountain Kit - on 16 May 2012
In reply to 54ms: Not a common fault in MO. I'd give the suppliers a bell or take them back to the shop you bought them from and see if they can send them back for you. Beyond Hope have always been great about this type of stuff for me in the past.

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