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Adam_42 - on 16 May 2012
Hi all, I'm part of a uni club that for the last couple of years has run trips to El Chorro over Easter. We were looking to go somewhere different next year, but as it will be a club trip, there are certain things that make locations better suited to us.

Ideally we'd like somewhere with a good spread of grades with plenty in the low to mid range. It's also helpful if there are multiple crags within walking distance as it's hard organising cars for large groups. (Plus we'd like to avoid monopolising a couple of crags). Hostel accomodation and good transport links from an airport are also big plusses.

Having looked around, I'd picked out kalymnos and Olympos as good possible locations. Does anyone have any thoughts/advice on these or any other locations you think would be a good choice.

Cheers, Adam.
James Malloch - on 16 May 2012
In reply to Adam_42: I group of about 20 people (i think) went to Kalymnos from Sheffield Uni this Easter which went very well from what I heard. They managed to get accommodation from 6 euro a night by phoning and bargaining the rates.

People of all abilities went and managed to get a lot done, some people hired mopeds also to get to some further out crags.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.