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Roselily on 26 May 2012

A friend and I are heading to India this August and are keen to climb...talk of routes near MT ABU ...does anyone have any other suggestions about where and whats out there??

Can be any sort of climbing/adventuring

Thanks xx
seankenny - on 27 May 2012
daveaubrey - on 27 May 2012
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are you wedded to mt abu? I don't remember anything quality around there. There's stuff just east of Delhi but further south, hampi, badami or north, manali etc is a better bet.
Anonymous on 28 May 2012 - cpc4-oxfd21-2-0-cust199.4-3.cable.virginmedia.com
In reply to Roselily:

I climbed at mt Abu about 10 years ago, we went there on a trip around India, not specifically for climbing.

There were some quite nice granite slabs with drilled pegs for protection that were well spaced and relatively old. The route we did was about 30 metres high

Mt Abu was quite nice in that it's up a hill and therefore cooler than the surrounding plains. however I wouldnt really rate it as a climbing destination as there wasn't much there really. but if youu are travellIng in the area, then there is some climbing to do there. the place is Very popular for honeymooning Indians.
Roselily on 31 May 2012
Ah cool! Thanks for the advice...keep it coming.

Not tied to anything just keeping relatively North to avoid the weather as best we can (unfortunatly summer is the only time we have long periods off work to make it viable to travel to far away places).

Anyone know much re type of rack gear etc needed for area or just take a range and see how it goes...


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