/ FS: NEW Asolo AFS 8000 Boots Size 7 UK, £180

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DavidEC1984 on 27 May 2012 - host-92-29-229-16.as13285.net
Asolo AFS 8000 - double plastic mountaineering boots.

Price, £180, including Royal Mail Special Delivery within 1 business day. First come, first served.

They are for for high altitude, or for those with cold feet like me. They are new but have tags missing which I accidentally threw away. They have NOT been used outside, only tried on indoors. There is no wear on the shells' outsoles, nor any compression of the liners. The only visible wear is very, very faint black scuff marks on the back of the shells where the liners' soles slide into them. This does not affect the functionality of the boots; hence I am prepared to offer them as new.

They have a superb double lacing system. You can tighten up the inner laces to prevent heel lift, and leave the outer laces loose for walking flexibility, and you can tighten up the outer laces when you need ankle support when wearing crampons on rough terrain.

Needless to say these are very stiff B3 boots which can take virtually any crampon binding except the discontinued Grivel GSB - however, I recommend trying on crampons for a secure, snug fit before buying.

I ordered them direct from Asolo at trade so am selling them on at the same price to avoid making a profit.




They are listed as:

7 UK
7.5 USA
40 2/3 EU

However, they come with a size 6 UK insole and overall I would say they are closer to a size 6 to 6.5. I've tried on Men's 7 UK Sherpas and Alpinist boots, also from Asolo, with Smartwool liners and Extra-Heavy mountaineering socks, a combination which fit me perfectly with suitable toe space. With the AFS 8000, that combination was too small and the boots only fit me if I wore medium-weight socks. Remember that these are heavy-duty boots and need appropriately heavy socks.

If you can't try on AFS 8000 yourself, I recommend trying other Asolo mountain boots and going up one size. Bear in mind feet swelling at 7000m+, and that slightly oversized is a lot better than slightly undersized. Hope this helps.
DavidEC1984 on 28 May 2012 - host-2-101-67-49.as13285.net
PS PayPal or bank transfer accepted.

Alternatively, collection in person in Central London (Covent Garden preferably) which knocks £10 off the price to £170.

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