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SimonMarcYoung - on 28 May 2012
hey everyone
i'm going to be building my own training wall this summer and wondering what sort of sheets of timber i should be using anyone know ?
Cheers Simon
Graham T - on 28 May 2012
In reply to SimonMarcYoung:

I used osb Sterling board for mine. I will be using 18MM ply when I rebuild the overhang. Osb is great but the t nuts do start to pull through after a while.
Murd on 28 May 2012
In reply to SimonMarcYoung:
Maybe useful


I used usb, had no problems with nuts pulling through. If you can afford it a good quality 18mm ply.
neil9216 - on 29 May 2012
In reply to SimonMarcYoung:
I,m a joiner,
as already stated you need to use a good quality 18mm WBP Ply.
Sterling board is completly different in the way it is made and more likely to fail when you tighten the holds,also it tends to weaken when you nail or screw it.
WBP on the other hand will remain strong at the nail or screw holes.
dont go to B&Q Go to your local timber merchant. roughly 26 quid per sheet.
Hope that helps,
I,m not on here that often at the moment but you need any other advice private mail me.
cheers Neil
JSA - on 29 May 2012
In reply to SimonMarcYoung:

Go for plywood, it doesn't need to be top quality, but it would be better using a good quality ply. You can also use sheathing (or shuttering)ply which is cheaper but is plenty strong enough but does have a few voids between the veneers.
Hannah Montana on 29 May 2012 - host86-177-246-240.range86-177.btcentralplus.com
In reply to SimonMarcYoung:
I've used stirling board covered in artex to give it a few features and it was very cheap and lasted a couple of years but if I did it again I'd go for something a bit stronger (as mentioned above).
Fraser on 29 May 2012
In reply to SimonMarcYoung:

Depends on how steep you're planning on making the board. Mine is only about 17° and I used Sterling board - it's lasted fine, no problems whatsoever. If you're going for a steeper board like a 45°, I'd use reasonable quality ply. To be honest, an almost more significant governing factor in the design will be the centres of your supporting structure. Typically however this will be 600mm.

Spec. of my board here (now bigger):


Oceanrower - on 29 May 2012
In reply to Fraser: If you're making the frame before getting the ply, OSB or whatever, may I suggest centres of 610mm not 600mm. The standard size for sheet materials is 2440 x 1220.
Fraser on 30 May 2012
In reply to Oceanrower:

Well spotted - good point! (btw, it's the OP making one, mine's already done)

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