/ FS: Free-standing board for sale

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Sam the Butcher - on 30 May 2012
Price: £250
Dear all,
I am being forced to sell my much loved training board. The board itself is a massive 244cm by 366cm and is covered in edges, pockets, foot jibs, pinches and minging crimps. At the moment the angle is set to about 30degrees overhanging but, being a free-standing A-frame (yes, landlords don´t mind), it would be easy enough to make it steeper by shortening its´ legs.
It cost about 250pounds for the wood alone when we built it so 250quid all in seems like a good deal considering the number of holds it contains and the fact that it effectively comes flat-packed and ready to just bolt together.
Unfortunately, I lack a means of transporting the board so this is something a buyer would have to sort out themselves. Currently the board is lying, dismantled, in my parents´ garage in Edinburgh, about 5minutes walk from Alien Rock Climbing Center.
Those interested can contact me on 07816349379.
There is a bad picture of the board from when it stood erect at http://samsworldofpain.blogspot.de/2008/12/palace.html but one should note that there are now maybe twice as many holds.

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