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Blue Straggler - on 05 Jun 2012
premier post photo
Price: £397 (ish)

The eagle-eyed might recognise some parts of this ad from last year! I am being a bit impulsive here so no pics yet but I will get around them upon request and/or according to interest.

Having a bit of a clearout from the camera cupboard. Two nice lenses (compatible with full-frame / 35mm as well as "crop sensor" digital), a 35mm body and a flash, as follows:

1) Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 EX DG (pictured). This is a good versatile lens but rather too big and bulky for my needs (and I don't really need its zoomy versatility).
Photos of lens: http://blue-straggler.net/Sigma_24_70_lens_images/
Some photos taken with lens: http://blue-straggler.net/Sigma24_70_for_sale_samples/ hopefully showing its sharpness and versatility in a range of conditions. The concert photos are on a crop sensor (D70), climbing pics are 35mm slides and at the 24mm end of the lens to show its edge-to-edge performance at wide angle.
It has seen a little bit of action (I am the second owner but haven't really used it that much in 4 years of ownership; barely at all in the last 3 years) and has some cosmetic scuffs but the optics are mint. It works fine and gives good results (for those of you concerned about Sigma's alleged poor quality control, I can say that this must have been a good one!). Boxed with original soft case and a Hoya 82mm skylight filter thrown in, and front and rear caps. There is a tiny scratch on the filter, I have tried to highlight this in the final pic on the link. It doesn't affect photos (MAYBE it will give a tiny bit of flare if you shoot into a light source). £185 + p&p seems competitive.

2) Hoya Circular Polariser, 82mm diameter. A tiny scratch on it sadly, which will not show up in pics. These things are EXPENSIVE. I am asking £35 + p&p

3) Nikon SB50 DX Speedlight. Again seen VERY little use, again bought as a hand-me-down from a pro. I haven't taken pics of the unit yet, you can Google for reviews etc. and/or email me with any specific questions. It's a flash for older AF Nikons, I'm not sure of its compatibility or relevance to dSLRs actually (though I am informed that it is a 6V contact so care must be taken!) It works very well with the F80, I think it was kind of dedicated to that model. £40 + p&p

4) Sigma 50mm f/2.8 macro (AF-D) for sale

I don't have photos but it's this one (except Nikon fit)

Mine doesn't seem to have the hood, and it is the "EX" rather than "EX DG" - to be honest I do not know the difference.

Unfortunately the filter thread was knackered when forensics had hold of it (it was taken from my house during a rather rubbish burglary and forensics went nuts on it). Shame as it was otherwise virtually unused apart from for a very few indoor macro shoots, where it proved its worth. Because of this, I'd ask £90 + p&p - these lenses are about £250 new I think - and I think that is a decent price for some mucking about with macro, which is really all you would want a lens like this for (so the filter issue is almost moot IMHO!)

5) Fujifilm Finepix F300EXR. Perfectly good little compact with crazy 24-360mm equivalent zoom range and actually decent throughout the whole zoom range. I have owned this for nearly a year and it has seen a bit of action so there a few cosmetic scuffs but it hasn't had as many actuations as you might think. Good overview here http://www.pocket-lint.com/review/5015/fujifilm-finepix-f300exr-camera-review - I am being really impulsive, just trying to sell for the simple reason that I am a bit bored with it. £75 boxed with two batteries, charger and a lovely leather case http://shop.fujifilm.co.uk/f300-f500-f550-f600-f660exr-case.html
Pics from the Finepix e.g. http://www.flickr.com/photos/blue-straggler/sets/72157629133370547/

6) Canon Epoca 35-105 in near mint condition, tested to be fully functional, with original case and manual. Here is someone else's pic of this strange beast http://www.flickr.com/photos/raulm/3849516081/in/set-72157626457010935/ and some pics from my test roll http://www.flickr.com/photos/blue-straggler/sets/72157628924057727/ - I do like this camera but I need to rationalise the Straggler Sanctuary. £12 please + p&p please! It takes a funky battery which is about £5 at http://www.smallbattery.company.org.uk/

7) various manual focus Minolta gubbins and a couple of funky cheap old rangefinders (Agfa Optima III and Pax M4) - details to follow!

Blue Straggler - on 05 Jun 2012
PS regarding p&p, personal collection or delivery is possible - I live in Loughborough and haunt Nottingham, Derby and Leicester climbing walls, and get up to the Peak fairly regularly.
Blue Straggler - on 07 Jun 2012
In reply to Blue Straggler:

Some pics of the Finepix so you can see that it has just some very minor cosmetic scuffing.

I replaced the standard lanyard with a much better one (in my opinion!) - looks a bit clunky but I use it to "stabilise" the camera, it works well clipped to a belt loop and held taut so you can get away with slower shutter speeds.

Some more pics - all the colour pics - ignore the spooky b&w ones (thy are IR shots from the Cybershot F717 which is NEVER going to be up for sale!).

Many were taken at 360mm-"equivalent" focal length


I will throw in a Sandisk Gb SDHC card and little USB reader.
Blue Straggler - on 09 Jun 2012
Fujifilm F300EXR now sold.
Blue Straggler - on 13 Jun 2012
Paul at work - on 13 Jun 2012
In reply to Blue Straggler: I'm interested in the Speedlight, can it work in a wireless multiple flash situtaion?
Blue Straggler - on 13 Jun 2012
In reply to Paul at work:

Hi Paul - I am afraid I have no idea! I'll see what I can find out.
Blue Straggler - on 14 Jun 2012
In reply to Paul at work:

Paul, I just did a very quick Google for "SB50 wireless" and I can see a couple of old discussion threads that indicate that it will work as a triggerable slave. I have barely ever used this flash - I bought it alongside a Nikon F80 body a while back but never played with it.
Blue Straggler - on 15 Jun 2012
In reply to Blue Straggler:

Nikon SB50 DX Speedlight sold

The Sigma lenses are still up for grabs (had some interest in the macro but no confirmation yet), plus the polariser, the Epoca, the rangefinders, and various Minolta manual stuff (email me for details but there is a standard 50mm prime, 28mm f/3.5 prime, Centon autowinder, maybe an Auto 280PX flash,
Blue Straggler - on 18 Jun 2012
Last-ditch bump!

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