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SteveK - on 11 Jun 2012
Looking for a helmet camera to take out to the Alps. Have been looking at GoPro Hero2. Has anyone used this out in the Alps or have any other recomendations?
gary1 on 12 Jun 2012 - shooters.logica.co.uk [cache1.uk.logica.com]
In reply to Steve33: i use the contour roam...its HD quality and only £160
Page on 12 Jun 2012
In reply to Steve33:

The GoPro seeems to win in most online forum debates.
paul29uk on 12 Jun 2012
In reply to Steve33: I have the contour HD 1080 and i was more than happy with it in the Alps. My bro has a GoPro and it just seems bigger.
ht3 - on 12 Jun 2012
In reply to Steve33: A friend of mine has a Drift that they have been pretty happy with, I think they are relatively cheap too.
AndrewHuddart - on 12 Jun 2012
In reply to Steve33:

There's a reason that pretty much every commercial vid uses GoPros. I've used them for skiing and they're fantastic.
rallymania on 12 Jun 2012
In reply to Steve33:
i have a HD hero (ver 1 if you like)

truth is, all three mentioned on this thread are brilliant in their own right

for me what swings it to the gopro is that although it's a slightly more awkward shape, the extra mounting options, the waterproof case (which can be replaced) replacement lenses etc etc etc all make the gopro system better

as some else said. gopro's get used by TV program makers a lot (gadget show, highland rescue to name just 2)

however, what you also need to know is
there's no point in buying one if you don't have a decent computer to edit the videos on, no matter which of the three you buy. you can get free or reletavely cheap editing software, and watch out for hard disk space... HD video creates large files

and finally, if what you are recording is high speed, (mtb / skiing etc) then record 50/60fps not 25/30, you'll regret it if you don't
koolkat - on 12 Jun 2012
In reply to Steve33: ive got a contour roam and a drift hd both good look at what lens you want need both of these have 170deg very wide but good for me the drift can zoom and has a screen to play back both r waterproof to 1m ish and the roam you can get a housing that will take it to 60m underwater if you want the roam has a fixed battery whilst the drift has a removeable battery another issue if you taking them on a long trip
OwenF - on 12 Jun 2012
In reply to koolkat:

Punctuation man, please! That hurt my brain ;)
SteveK - on 12 Jun 2012
In reply to Steve33:

Ok, thanks. Deciding between the drift HD and the GoPro at the mo.
BALD EAGLE - on 13 Jun 2012
In reply to Steve33:

Hi Steve
I've had a basic Go-Pro 960 for about 6 months now and think it is a neat piece of kit though, as an IT philistine, getting used to the editing software was (and still is!) the biggest challenge for me. I'm thinking of upgrading to a better model for a forthcoming Alps trip to Val Bregaglia but in the meantime if interested in some results you can view a short climbing film or 2 on my You Tube page:
Damn I so wish I had my GoPro on the Rochefort Arete last year...
Cheers Dave

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