/ Snakes, Ladders and the Bridge of Death

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captain sharky - on 14 Jun 2012
Hi All, I have written a couple of books on other subjects and enjoy writing as a hobby. As a keen climber I recently wrote up a climbing blog on a couple of days out on the hill.

I would like to work on and improve a format thats enjoyable to the majority and welcome any feedback and opinions for improvement.

Many thanks Dave

rustaldo - on 14 Jun 2012
chocolatefingers on 15 Jun 2012 - cpc21-acto1-2-0-cust87.4-2.cable.virginmedia.com
In reply to captain sharky:

Cool Blog.

You paid for this post?
captain sharky - on 20 Jun 2012
In reply to chocolatefingers: Thanks. Its only a few pound a week and it helps with the research.
I've the basis for an outdoor book thats more about adventure days out than a pure climbing book and any feedback helps
Cheers Dave
Rampikino - on 26 Jun 2012
In reply to captain sharky:

How many people have died on "The Bridge of Death" ?

A few people have died on the bypass near me. Should I call it The Road of Death now?

Please could we stop overdoing things in the media-frenzy kind of way?
airbournegrapefruit on 26 Jun 2012
In reply to Rampikino: Have you seen the 'bridge'?? I sure as hell wouldn't want to cross it without a rope.
It has been called 'the bridge of death' for as long as I can remember, nothing to do with media-frenzy.
Jules Mera Peak on 26 Jun 2012 - 89-251-198-144.chess.managedbroadband.co.uk
In reply to captain sharky: bl**dy excellent !
Rampikino - on 27 Jun 2012
In reply to airbournegrapefruit:

So what is wrong with Snakes, Ladders and Tunnels then?
Terry James Walker - on 30 Jun 2012
In reply to Rampikino: Dude, it's called 'the bridge of death' and it's a key part of the trip, so I think it deserves to be in the title.
As for how many people have died, I'm not sure, but it's only a matter of time... when weighted by a person, it moves a lot, and all you have to anchor the rope to is the bridge itself, which isn't comforting.

I think HVS is a bit steep though, maybe VS 3a or MXS more like!
Take care people
captain sharky - on 01 Jul 2012
In reply to Terry Walker:

Yes the grade is a tricky one as its not really climbing, more an adventure at height with various rusty structures. Like you say not really hard moves but I thought the commitment needed and some of the exposure and fall factor warranted it.
Thanks for the support with name of the bridge, I felt crossing it was like a game of russian roulette! Sad thing is it will collapse one day, just hope no one is on it...
captain sharky - on 01 Jul 2012
In reply to Rampikino:

Didn't think I was over doing the media-frenzy? Just me and a mate on a great day out, writing a blog is just away of sharing the information obtained and the blog writers opinions/thoughts.
I dont think anyone has died on the bridge as yet and I really hope when it does finally collapse no one is on it!
Note. You make sure you hold a grown ups hand when you cross that bypass now...
Up High on 13 Jul 2012
In reply to captain sharky: Quite simply that is why its called "The bridge of Death" because its so likely to collapse resulting in the logical fate of anyone on it at that time, .......perhaps its an omen, there are many that do not consider the risk worthwhile! The name is quite fitting.
aiden - on 02 Aug 2012
Just a question about the chain; How far was it on the two bars that anchor it when you did it? I did it a while back and it was hanging over the edge of one of the bars and moved closer to the edge of the other when my mates followed up after. Would do with being anchored maybe.

I only ask this as I saw a photo of it on another blog today and it was much further on. Thinking of doing it with other mates in summer conditions / in the rain (last time we had snow)

Jonny2vests - on 03 Aug 2012
In reply to Terry Walker:

HVS is the perfect grade for it. It has character, a bit of burl and its hard to grade.
captain sharky - on 08 Aug 2012
In reply to aiden: ]
Hi Aiden

It was close to the edge and I think its only the weight of the chain that keeps it from slipping off. As you say once someone starts climbing the chain, it does seem to slide nearer to the edge!
I dont think it will be there forever, and if youre belaying the leader better to take a few steps away just in case!!
Cheers Dave

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