/ Wild Country Crag Clean Up - 23rd June

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Outside.co.uk - on 15 Jun 2012
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Wild Country Crag Clean Up
On Saturday 23rd June Outside and Wild Country staff will be helping to clean up local Peak District crags, but we need your help. We know how hard it is to fit in some good civic duty around a day of climbing (and possibly an England quarter-final!) so we've got some incentives.

After the shop closes we will be having a barbeque with free beer and burgers (veggie options available) from 6pm in our Hathersage car park. We will also be having a prize draw for a set (1+2+3) of Wild Country's new Helium Friends (MSRP £149).

All you have to do is drop by an Outside shop (Calver or Hathersage), pick up a Wild Country bin bag¹, fill your bag with litter from a crag of your choice and bring the full bag back to the shop! A team will be heading to Black Rocks, which is not looking great at the moment, but most popular gritstone crags could do with a (late) spring clean.

We are also pleased to say that Derbyshire Dales District Council is supporting the event by offering to safely dispose of all the litter that we manage to collect. Let's make sure we make it worth their while!

Please contact us if you plan to take part so we can be prepared with the right amount of food and drink. We wouldn't want you to go hungry or thirsty after doing a good deed! Please don't bring any gardening equipment, pointed implements or sharp things, this is strictly a litter removal exercise.

For the most up to date information check http://www.outside.co.uk/latest/news/
To get in touch see http://www.outside.co.uk/contact-us/contact

¹If you are worried about a visit to Outside meaning one less route, but still want to help, then we can post you a Wild Country bin bag. Contact us to arrange this.
althesin on 22 Jun 2012
In reply to Outside.co.uk:
@rse!!!, collected a bagful of beer cans off Black Rocks last week- could have got free beer and snap :~(

....still, didn't go thirsty, some of the cans had a bit left in...
DAVETHOMAS90 - on 23 Jun 2012
In reply to althesin:

Well done to you! ..well, not well done, in one way, but you know what I mean.

I always try to pick up what I can from the Burbage N car park, which is often pretty bad. I'm amazed the Peak Park bothered to install disabled parking bays, but couldn't stretch to a bin.

Dave T.
SGD - on 25 Jun 2012
In reply to althesin: I wonder if the excess rubbish at black rocks is anything to do with the encampment on the upper carpark? Had an interesting hour or so there today when a group of lads starting lobbing bottles and rocks off the top?
althesin on 26 Jun 2012
In reply to SGD: It is an amazing place, I suprised a friendly group of youths at the top of Fat Mans Chimney last year and was offered a drink and something to smoke whilst bringing my second up.
Personally I think it's great that a wide variety of people go there, some don't care about what happens to the bottles and cans after they've left but the beauty of the place outshines the litter, I actually get a self-righteous pleasure from picking the stuff up.

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