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Some Random Climber - on 18 Jun 2012
I'm off on my family hols to NI in August and I reckon I've earned enough brownie points to scrounge a days climbing at Fairhead without them. It's somewhere I've wanted to go for many years and I intend getting a taster of the place in order to encourage my mates to take a longer trip next year sometime.

So what's the scene like at Fair Head then? Is it busy enough to be able to place an add on here a few days prior (once I have a forecast) and have a reasonable chance of meeting up with someone for the day? Or should I just buy the guide and take a walk with my family in tow instead! ;-)


Some Random Climber - on 19 Jun 2012
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Oh, no replies... It's that good is it? ;-)
Nordie_matt - on 19 Jun 2012
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Not actually been over yet, but heard some great things about it, good luck finding a partner, but maybe try the fairhead climbers forum - you may have a better chance at getting in touch with some locals


and here's a bit of video of Ricky Bell climbing there, just to get you psyched for it

PeteH - on 19 Jun 2012
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In number terms there's just not that big a scene there, so unless it's changed much in the last few years, I would have thought if you turn up mid-week you'll have the place to yourself.

As has been suggested, stick a message up on the Fair Head forum with plenty of notice and you may find someone who's keen. If not, it's a cracking place for a walk - Weasy walking along the top, or you can go down one of the two main (steep) descent paths and scramble about the bottom.
Mark Phillips on 19 Jun 2012 - client-86-23-70-49.brhm.adsl.virginmedia.com
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I climbed there 2 years ago, we did the worthwhile VS's, a few HVS's and some E1's. Didn't even scratch the surface.
I thought the place was top notch, absolutely mega. I would love to go back and really get stuck in, so if you need someone to make up a team you can count me in..
To get the very best out of the place you probably need to be cruising E2's ( a bit out of my range but enough in the VS-E1 category as well, for a memorable climbing trip).Great rock, great pro, can't understand why more folk don't go.Having said that, we were lucky with the weather, sunny every day!
Places to stay in Ballycastle, not that far to drive once you're over there. I'm no expert,but give me a shout if you think I can help.
Some Random Climber - on 20 Jun 2012
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I'll bear you in mind for next year - the more the merrier.

Thanks to everyone else. I'll try the forum.
KKilroy - on 21 Jun 2012
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The scene at Fairhead is awesome! Better than Sheffield, if you like farms, sheep dogs with smiley teeth and lapping Ballycastle by night in your Massey! When are you over? Post up on the FH forum and we'll take care of ye.
Some Random Climber - on 21 Jun 2012
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Thanks! I'm over the middle two weeks of August. I'll pop a note on the forum.


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