/ Bivis Or one man tents!

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harveybirch96 on 23 Jun 2012 - 02dd35f5.bb.sky.com
need some advice of buying a bivi/one man tent, i am looking at spending around £100 to £250. any advice would be great!
needvert on 23 Jun 2012
In reply to harveybirch96:

Used a Hilleberg Soulo last night, very nice. A bit out of your price range though.

I quite like bivy bags, but two things:
- Mine's 3 layer eVent, not the lightest fabric, and combine that with surface water or a thick layer of frost, due to the weight I lose a lot of loft around pointy bits of my body - so far mainly my feet. This is only the case with a 400g of fill bag, 700g of fill was fine [rather hot even] for around zero +/- a few degrees. Sticking bottom of bivy bag in backpack provided enough insulation though.
- If it may rain you need a tarp like object to take off your rain gear and get in/out of the bivy under.
bouldery bits - on 24 Jun 2012
In reply to harveybirch96:

Bivvy bag wise I have an ex Forces Goretex thing - it's pretty good. Solid, enough room for everything and cheap- if a little bulky.

One man wise I have a Hilleberg Akto which I love and is actually roomy enough for 2 for just one night (MM's etc)

tbh it depends what your looking to do.
A few nights out on a summers evening then get a cheap bivvy. If you want something more 'hardcore' for multi day trips in the winter then spend big on a 1 man - http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0072HDHZO/ref=asc_df_B0072HDHZO8448364?smid=A5JTUBNZRBREB&tag=hydra0...

top end of your budget but will do job.

Ofcourse the Daddy is: http://hilleberg.se/product/akto
summitjunkie - on 24 Jun 2012
In reply to harveybirch96: Hmmm, it really depends on several factors such as what are you using it for (single night -v- multi day trip), what is the weather likely to be (as mentioned earlier, if its pissing it down and you haven't got a bag cover the remaining kit in your bag can get wet and if you haven't got a tarp you'll find cooking interesting), and do you like to travel light and small (even hooped bivis are less than half the weight and a third the volume of the smallest one-man tent).

I have a one man Lightwave tent which is very adequate though a bit limited on space - can just about get my pack in and cook under the porch - that cost about £110 a few years back. I also have a Vaude hooped bivi that packs light and tiny and also cost about £110. I've been out in an absolute downpour in it and stayed nice n' dry.

You pays your money and you takes your choice!
ScraggyGoat on 24 Jun 2012
In reply to harveybirch96:

Bivy's are great for fine weather, no midgies and for places where it would be hard to put a tent. Bivying in the wet, particularly for several days requires a certain strength of character. You will get damp (condensation and getting in and out). In strong wind and heavy snow the bag will compress down insulation. As soon as you think about carrying a tarp as well, you might as well have a tent. In bad weather you 'wait' in a bivy rather than 'relax/live' in it. Remember all bivies are bit like waterproof jackets once thier repellancy wears off and the face fabric gets soaked breathability drops significantly. Bivvies will survive conditions where tents won't. Whether you will function well after the storm is another matter.

One man tents weigh little more than hooped bivies, offer more comfort; cooking, reading, getting dressed, siting up, storing gear and stay drier. But lack the view and feeling of being 'out in the landscape and the elements' and have limits as to where you would want to use them.

In short thier is nothing like a high bivvy in good conditions, but equally wet weather bivvies will be memorable......

With a solo tents you have to decide if you are happy with a mesh inner (3 season use) or want to use it in winter, and how exposed some camp spots might be; so how light or robust it can, or needs to be.
wilkesley - on 24 Jun 2012
In reply to harveybirch96:

If you decide on a tent the Zephyros 2 would fit your budget. I have got one and am very happy with it. Very fast to pitch and stands up well in adverse conditions.

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