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Rich Jenkin - on 01 Jul 2012
Can anyone tell me why the Wild Country Helium draws seem to be available with the dyneema slings in 2 different colours, red and black?

I have found the black ones for as cheap as £9.99

but all the red ones seem to be at a higher price of around £18

My best guess is that the red ones are a new version which was released?
Am i correct in saying this? If so does anyone know why they released a new version? or what the changes are?

Many thanks
Chi Cheng - on 01 Jul 2012
In reply to Rich Jenkin:
Think the black tapes are a little thicker then the Red one, but there the same Krabs.

Hope this helps
Wild Country - on 04 Jul 2012
In reply to Chi Cheng: That's not corrent. Helum QD's are sold on 10mm dyneema in a range of colours but mostly red or black. The ones at the cheap price are simply a very, very good deal and I'd snap them up. There are no 'new' and 'old' models.
BGG - on 05 Jul 2012
In reply to Richie Patterson, Wild Country: this is just a question and is not meant to sound accusatory but am currently in Canada where Helium's go at 19 Canadian dollars (e.g. at mec.ca) which is currently less than 12 quid. Why are they so much cheaper here than in the UK?
turtlespit - on 05 Jul 2012
In reply to Rich Jenkin: do Canadian retail prices include tax, or is this added once you get to the checkout? That could account for some of the difference.
BGG - on 08 Jul 2012
In reply to turtlespit: the sales tax adds about a pound so still really a lot cheaper than they can be got for in the UK. Hard to fathom why really.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.