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HappyTrundler - on 10 Jul 2012
There is a brand new leisure centre recently opened in Whitchurch, Bristol, apparently with a modern 'proper' climbing wall. I called in to take a look, it wasn't bad, quite substantial, steep, proper bolted on holds, in situ ropes, looked more set up for top roping, I didn't have my kit, just went out of curiousity. Thing was, it was deserted, no signs of any use, chalky holds etc...my guess is that it is rarely or never used, and probably never will be...anybody else been or know anything about it?....
beardy mike - on 10 Jul 2012
In reply to HappyTrundler: Looks passable for an afternoons entertainment and quite cheap too...
A-dog - on 12 Jul 2012
In reply to HappyTrundler: any chance of a bouldering area? i live less than 5 minutes from there but dont really do ropes indoors
HappyTrundler - on 12 Jul 2012
In reply to weakaaron:

It is tucked away in a sort of wide corridor where no one seems to go, I bet you could go in and boulder about the bottom, traverse about for a fitness session without anybody knowing, or paying...
Tom Gape 2 on 24 Jul 2012 - cpc12-hawk12-2-0-cust191.aztw.cable.virginmedia.com
In reply to HappyTrundler:

A bit of pre-release gossip... There will be a brand new, 1000m2 climbing centre opening in South Bristol early next year. Most routes (70+) will be equipped with both bottom ropes and clips, we're putting in an arch to provide some nice meandering leads, and there will be some interesting bouldering, including a cave with sloping floor. There will also be a full service cafe.

Watch this space...

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