/ Ring Ouzels Nesting on Bamford

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the king ring ouzel of bamford on 16 Jul 2012 - 78-33-237-228.static.enta.net
Re Ring Ouzels nesting on Bamford:

After climbing on Bamford yesterday and noting a BMC sign at Porthole Buttress warning climbers that a Ring Ouzel was in fact nesting in the porthole, it was very dissappointing to note that this was completely disregarded by several folk, climbing and clattering all over the rock rather than simply leaving in peace and moving to an alternative spot.

When pointing out the sign, it was met with the pretty sad response by one charmer - "Trust me, there are no Ring Ouzels around here" whilst continuing to hump her way up the rock.

Just thought that it may be worth pointing out to those in like mind that yes, there are indeed Ring Ouzels on Bamford and that no, the sign poitning to this fact is not a joke. If the first batch of eggs fail, then she may lay another batch, so dont presume that just because the sign is dated 4 weeks ago, it's quite ok to disregard their presence and flail around regardless.
highclimber - on 16 Jul 2012
In reply to the king ring ouzel of bamford: According to this http://www.thebmc.co.uk/modules/RAD/ViewCrag.aspx?id=344

there's no access issues?
Adam Long - on 16 Jul 2012
In reply to highclimber:

Whoops, sorry folks, that sign should have come out a couple of weeks ago! The birds should be long gone, I will try to get up tonight to do a final check on the nest and remove the sign.
Adam Long - on 17 Jul 2012
In reply to Adam Long:

Okay folks, nipped up last night, chucked the nest and removed the sign.

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