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Richc on 19 Jul 2012
any one know the length of the absiels when descending piz badile to the gianatti hut?
benkelsey - on 22 Jul 2012
In reply to Richc: Hiya

sorry I can't answer your question.
however, I am also going to Piz Badile with a friend and I wondered what your dates/ travel arrangements are. We are looking for another two people to travel with us in the car to keep petrol costs down.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

James Mann - on 22 Jul 2012
Descended this way a couple of years ago. I can't remember any of the rappels being too long. We had two 60s and were nowhere near the ends. Think it might be possible on a long single rope but not totally sure. There is also a new equipped abseil descent based on the molteni route further over on the s face. This is accessed from below the bivvy hut close to the summit and is far more direct with none of the wandering about involved in the normal descent. If doing the North ridge or Cassin I would recommend two 50m ropes as any retreat from the ridge or cassin would be very difficult with only a single. North ridge in descent is potentially quite difficult due to finding the belay anchors in descent and ropes snagging. Would not recommend it. Either route to gianetti is reasonably straight forward and not as tricky as descriptions read.
Patrick G - on 23 Jul 2012
In reply to Richc: Did this descent a few weeks ago, used one 60m half rope, a couple of the abs 30m, so just got there with one 60m,
A little bit of advice, on the descent, when about 2/3 of the way down you will see an obivous path leading right (West), take this path but if you come to a big block that you can crawl underneath, with a lot of tat at the block. Do not abb here, go back the path about 20m and go left (looking up) to find another path that leads to the metal cross, easy from there. Hope this helps.......PG

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.