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Newbuild100 - on 22 Jul 2012
I will be going on a trekking holiday in october, and will look to purchase some kind of travel insurance at some point. (Ive paid for most of the trip, and all flights etc).

I did a long hill walk a few days ago and had pretty bad knee pain at the end. Past experience tells me its cartlidge trouble !!
Two days later, ive no pain at all and walking fine.

However, its got me thinking. In a situation like this, what happens if it hits the fan and an "injury" causes me to have to cancel the trek/holiday. ?

Will insurance companies refund the cost of the trek/flights etc ?
Can anyone reccomend a travcel insurance company I should be talking to ?
(Obviously, I wont be mentioning the above !)

Thanks guys
mark stones - on 22 Jul 2012
Rachel Slater - on 22 Jul 2012
In reply to Newbuild100:

I'm going trekking in Sept/Oct as well and am also wondering and which insurance company can cover me if worst comes to worst. I like the BMC but for the length I will be going its just so expensive.
Newbuild100 - on 25 Jul 2012
In reply to r fizzle: BMC work out a lot cheaper for me than snowcard, inc having to join. !!1

Where are you going trekking rfizzle ?

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