/ Shauna Coxsey Broken something?

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puppythedog on 25 Jul 2012
Did I see on my facebook feed earlier that Shauna has broken something?
I've looked through the forum but didn't notice any posts.

Well if she has I hope it's nothing too serious and that she ends well and soon.
puppythedog on 25 Jul 2012
In reply to puppythedog: yes I did, a leg
Nick Russell on 26 Jul 2012
In reply to puppythedog:

Yeah, it's on her blog now

Blueso on 26 Jul 2012
Just on the off chance Shauna should read this...I broke my leg back in May, in a similar way - innocuous, run of the mill fall off a boulder, twisted my knee, snapped the head of my fibula. I had a few weeks of it not seeming to really improve much at all, after which it started to improve rapidly. I climbed again for the first time last week (after about 9 weeks off) - no hint of pain or discomfort (other than being utterly weak and feeble...oh no, wait, that's just the normal me)...

So anyway, it seems nightmare-ish at the beginning, but can recover really quite quickly...
Mike Gee - on 27 Jul 2012
In reply to Blueso: I broke my leg bouldering back in January, slightly worse break, ended up snapping both tib and fib (now have rod down tib holding everything together!), but was back climbing after 4 months pulling almost as hard as before. Unfortunately it seems I've lost my head when bouldering, but that'll come quickly if I put the miles in and get used to falling off things without breaking bones!
Owen Meany on 27 Jul 2012
In reply to Mike Gee:
I broke my tib & fib in a skiing accident February and am still in a cast (hope to be free by mid August though...)

Kind of a long story, but my bones aren't healing, and after getting up and about and off crutches about 12 weeks after the original accident, my leg broke again (just by walking about).

You ppl who heal quickly don't know how lucky you are!!


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.