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bedspring on 26 Jul 2012
just been up to Troy and the farmer was having a hell of a job getting out of his field, in fact he ripped a silage bag because of the struggle. The cause was a fietsa presumably parked by a climber. In all fairness I would have parked there, but as it is hay/silage making time please remember that the farmer is very busy and using big tractors and trailers and needs loads of room so give any gates massive clearance.
I spoke to the Farmer and helped him get his trailer out and he was very nice, totally no aggro, but the parking situation at Troy has got worse since UU have started locking the car parks on Grane Road at 5.30pm so that dog walkers are starting to discover Troy and making the car park busier.
I think the Car Park at Troy belongs to UU and if we hassle the residents there could maybe end up with some restriction there. This is a premptive warning that maybe if clubs in particular are going but anyone really,if they try and minimise the number of cars, maybe meet at one of the large lay bys on Grane Road or the little indusrial estate just as you approach the Robin Hood or on Helmshore Textile museum car park and then car share.
As said Farmer very nice but he has got a ripped silage bag.
Cheers SJC

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.