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mypyrex - on 30 Jul 2012
To those who have been to high altitude - how normal is it to experience
loss of appetite and Cheyne-Stokes?
george mc - on 30 Jul 2012
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m0unt41n on 31 Jul 2012
In reply to mypyrex: Cheyne-Stokes varies, some do and some dont. I use to get it above 4000m but now only occasionally and then above 5000m. Others have never had it.

Loss of appetite seems to be a mixture of cant really be bothered and also everything tastes bland, which is why on expeditions some take really strong flavoured items.

Main problem is not drinking sufficient but not feeling thirsty and its only when you realise your rubbery legs are part due to dehydration as to exhaustion.

But rarely should there be issues on AC since you are starting at 800m and very gradually going up the pass. Its a lot easier than EBC where you are in Lukla and 2800 from the start.

Dont fret so much about it.
Trangia on 31 Jul 2012
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I've also experienced Cheyne-Stokes above 4000m and as the other poster says, the loss of appetite was more due to the rather bland Indian fare served up by our cook. Still had plenty of appetite for sweet things, particularly marmalade. I also missed fresh fruit and veg.
mypyrex - on 31 Jul 2012
In reply to m0unt41n and Trangia: Thanks for the comments. As you both suggest the appetite thing may be down to the food that's available. On EBC I did keep myself stoked up on Mars bars and tea and biscuits when we got into camp. I also used a lot of medicated throat sweets which presumably had a hefty sugar content. I started getting Cheyne Stokes just above Tengboche at about 13000feet.

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