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jwa - on 05 Aug 2012
I'm after a packable windproof, waterproof jacket that will pack down small to clip to the back of my harness or go in a small bag and not take up much room to have on multi pitch climbs in case the weather sets in. Something durable would be good as it will be worn when climbing. Ideally I don't want to have to remortgage the house to afford it. I have an old kag in a bag which will probably do but I'm not sure how water and wind proof it still is. My regular day to day jacket is a bit too bulky to pack down. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Ta!
Ben Sharp - on 05 Aug 2012
In reply to jwa: I'd ask if you really need a waterproof or if a windproof will do. Unfortunately unless you do want to break the bank most waterproofs that pack away small aren't particularly breathable. Most windproofs will keep a fair bit of rain off and they'll at least keep you warm enough in the summer if it turns wet. Plus you can wear it if the wind picks up without overheating.
Any gore packlite jacket will pack down small but they're not renowned for being massively breathable. If you don't sweat much this might not be an issue but if you run hot you might find you're more comfortable in a windproof anyway.

kjw1991 - on 05 Aug 2012
In reply to jwa: if you can live with just a windproof the rab cirus jackets are pretty good, you can get a hoodless pull over or a full zip version with hood. although not a waterproof they are shower resistant, they are also great for cycling.
Styx - on 05 Aug 2012
Smiffy - on 05 Aug 2012
In reply to Styx:
Montane Lite Speed jacket.
Available here for a very good price:-

Packs down to the size of an orange. Has a hood and full size pocket. Comes with stuff sack and mini krab. Windproof and very light. Quite waterproof as well. Very breathable. I played an hours football in pouring rain and was still quite dry. Very good bit of kit IMHO. 2 work colleagues have bought them and been very happy with them.
simon kimber - on 05 Aug 2012
In reply to jwa:
Got a Marmot Precip jacket for sale, size m,colour bluey grey. £25+postage. It's not the lightest anymore, but it's light enough (around 330g) and fully waterproof
gear boy on 06 Aug 2012
In reply to jwa: so you want it to pack down small and be durable..

Thats a hard one to do

People rave about Montane Minimus and Rab Volt jackets, but i wouldnt want to arm jam in them, but the face fabric looks good for general use, I would happily use one for emegency multi pitch caught in rain type jacket

Tougher then you go eVent or gore or neoshell etc, which means spending more and you could still tear it
marsbar - on 06 Aug 2012
In reply to jwa: I have one of these, although it says women's I'm pretty sure its unisex fit. http://m.mandmdirect.com/mt/wwwm.mandmdirect.com/products-Trekmates-Womens-Hurricane-1-2-Zip-Jacket-...

It's not totally waterproof, but it is shower proof and windproof and fast drying.
iksander on 06 Aug 2012
In reply to jwa: As you didn't mention breathable, I would suggest a cheapo Trekmates or Keela ripstop jacket, less than £30 and will keep the worst of the weather off you for a while - and you won't cry when you make a hole in it.
edinburgh_man on 06 Aug 2012
In reply to jwa:

Montane Minimus or Outdoor Research Helium jackets are perfect.

galpinos on 06 Aug 2012
captain paranoia - on 14 Aug 2012
In reply to jwa:

For a 'just-in-case' waterproof, you might look at the Berghaus Elite AQ2.5 half-zip pullover, seen in TK Maxx (Reading) recently for £50. Here's a review by someone who seems to have bought it for the very same purpose.


It's a pretty niche beast, so, if you find one in your local TKM, you could gamble on it being knocked down to £33, or further...

As gear boy wisely points out, durable, lightweight and packable are somewhat mutually exclusive requirements.
SFM - on 14 Aug 2012
In reply to jwa:
Should probably have a squizz at Marmot. Their precip jackets are pretty good as a just in case jackets.
Al alternative would be a driclime with a hood. Find them to be pretty weather resistant and still work well with holes in them. Lighter than Vapour Rise too.

GrahamD - on 15 Aug 2012
In reply to jwa:

Its a shame Needlesports don't still do their old skool pertex windproof (or at least I don't think they do ?) - superb bit of kit whick folds into its chest pocket. Not sure what I'll do when it finally dies.

My climbing partner happily uses his el cheapo 'Mac in a Sac'

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