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tompickersgill - on 07 Aug 2012
Hello all

Any recommendations ....looking for somewhere with a bit of variety (bouldering, trad + sport), that is accessible by public transport or walking?

Rough plan find a campsite near to the climbing and hang around for a month or two.

Cheers in advance


Solaris - on 07 Aug 2012
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It's a big continent but Arapiles is the obvious place.

If it were me, I'd be heading to the remote NW of Western Australia where there's a superabundance of unclimbed rock, but logistics would be interesting.
David Barlow - on 07 Aug 2012
I agree, Arapiles is the place.
ChrisJD on 07 Aug 2012
In reply to tompickersgill:

The Piles is the place for you (Arapiles)
stonemaster - on 07 Aug 2012
In reply to tompickersgill: Hmmm, might be passing by 'Raps in a few months... Good luck.
tompickersgill - on 07 Aug 2012
In reply to tompickersgill:

Cheers guys.

Is a rack essential?? Or do you think I will be able to team up with people there?
Alan Hill - on 04 Sep 2012
In reply to tompickersgill: I've had 4 solo trips to Araps and it's easy to pick up partners. If you've got baggage weight issues, don't worry about the rack. From Araps it's also easy to pick up with people going to the grampians which has some awesome spots and isn't too far away.
monkeyboy3000 - on 07 Sep 2012
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If your in NSW then the blue mountains offers some good sport and trad routes including great multi-pitch along the grosse valley.


If its lots of sport climbing in one area then Nowra which is south of Sydney by a few hours has a great range of grades all in close proximity and if you camp at the trailer park/campsite just north of the town centre you can borrow (cant remember if they charged or not - I think not) a canoe which will get you to at least 3 or 4 different crags.


In general I found the climb.org.au a really good recourse to scope out crags though it doesnt replace a good guide book.

Also http://www.chockstone.org/Forum/Forum.asp is really good to meet people and find partners.

And of course as is mentioned above the pines at Mt Arapiles is a great place to spend a couple of weeks meeting people and if there is no one around there is some pretty good bouldering in the area too.
DDDD - on 09 Sep 2012
In reply to tompickersgill:
As the others say Arapiles is good as you'd be camping in the same place as other climbers.
However, for ease of getting to in the first place, you can take the train to Blackheath in the Blue Mountains from Sydney and walk to a fair few crags from there. There is a campsite in the middle of the village by the park - lovely location and it has an open air pool. There are also other places that you can camp for free but might be by yourself. Blackheath has a fair few cafes and shops so it's easy to get provisions too.
You can often meet people for climbing at the local crags - Shipley and the Glen. People often meet up in the car park behind the Ivanhoe.
Oh yes, the climbing is also very good too.
turtlespit - on 10 Sep 2012
In reply to tompickersgill: as many people have suggested, Arapiles is your best bet. Campsite to closest rock is probably 100m, and there's usually people camped semi-permanently all year. Not much in the way of sport climbing though, primarily trad and there are a lot of boulders about. Probably best to avoid it during the Australian summer... I was in the Grampians (about 1hr from Arapiles) after Xmas last year and the temperatures got above 35C.

Re: Sydney + Blue Mountains, though I live here, I'm not sure it's the best destination to camp and just climb. Arapiles seems a better fit for that. If you wanted to work as well, Sydney is a good location. Enough small crags and bouldering spots dotted around the city, and the Blue Mountains and Nowra within a few hours drive.
Avinash Aujayeb - on 10 Sep 2012
In reply to tompickersgill:

Arapiles all the way.

Blue mountains second.

Try the Oz version of UKc....chokstone.org

It has all the climbs for various locations etc
malky1 on 10 Sep 2012
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Arapiles first, especially around holiday times for terrific social atmosphere. Nearby, the Grampians look impressive, but I've not climbed there.
Point Perpendicular at Jarvis Bay on NSW coast is impressive. Close by there's also good sport climbing on sandstone at Nowra on the Shoalhaven river ( if you can get hold of the guide).
rolfe360Expeditions on 10 Sep 2012 - AToulouse-754-1-25-82.w90-30.abo.wanadoo.fr
In reply to tompickersgill:
also check out Booroomba rocks in the A.C.T.. the best granite around and enough climmbing to last a lifetime (both trad and sport!)

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