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jamieelston on 10 Aug 2012 - whois?
Looking for a regular climbing partner for Oxford / Milton Keynes.

Live near Banbury but climb at both Milton Keynes Big Rock and at Oxford Brookes. Looking to go at least once a week to either place - possibly push for more often depending on work and home comitments.

Been climbing for 6 months so fairly new. Only top rope at the moment but looking at doing a lead course in the next few weeks. Also building a rack at the moment and doing a 3 day trad course in September - so someone who would also be up for going to Wales/lakes etc would be great.

Climbing at around 5a and pushing some 6a grades. Im 31, not as fit as I was once!

Email me/drop me a message.

chris1982 on 10 Aug 2012 - vpn2.layton-blackham.co.uk
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ferny on 12 Aug 2012 - cpc3-lutn11-2-0-cust881.9-3.cable.virginmedia.com
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I'm pretty much starting myself. I try to get to Big Rock once a week but it doesn't always happen because of work. Thankfully I don't work at weekends so I'm going to spend today there.

Drop me a message if you're still interested.
Blue68 - on 15 Aug 2012
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Hi Guys,

When I was in your position I joined the Milton Keynes Mountaineering Club who meet at Big Rock. There are normally club members there most days although our official night is Thursdays.
Look out for the T-shirts and just come and say hi or ask at desk and they should be able to point you towards one of us.

Also, check out http://www.mkmountaineering.org

I have not had a problem finding someone to climb with since

jamieelston on 17 Aug 2012 - whois?
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I think thats a good shout, will give it a try this Thursday - i will be the one looking lost !
antdav - on 17 Aug 2012
In reply to jamieelston: If you're heading down to Big Rock to meet up with the club give me or Blue a shout and we can have someone from the club to meet you and introduce you to some members of MKMC. Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually busy with club members.

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