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Bee_1 - on 16 Aug 2012
I'm just starting to think about organizing my Medical elective for June/July/August 2014 and was hoping that people on here might be able to give some hints/tips of places to go.

I've been having a think about this and have decided that I would like to go out of the UK for the majority of it, I have a 2-4 week attachment with a local HEMS team already sorted out at some point during that time, so just need an idea of where to go for the rest of it! I'm looking for something fairly remote, expedition medicine would be great but I'm not convinced how much medicine would actually be seen, I have a particular interest in high altitude medicine so the Himalayas would be great but my timings don't work with the monsoon season.

I'm a fairly proficient climber, have done lots of travelling previously, will hopefully have done my ML assessment by then.

If anyone has any suggestions of where to go or ideas of who to contact, then I would be very grateful!
graeme gatherer - on 17 Aug 2012
In reply to Bee_1: Guy Allamel (Orthopod) put me up in the hospital in Chamonix 1998 for 6 weeks doing "urgences" . Pretty good food, ensuite room - all free of charge. Loads of good trauma, hypothermia, frostbite , high altitude medicine to do if so inclined. Ample opportunity to climb. Most staff pretty like minded. No idea if folks still go there or not.
Rolfe Oostra - 360 Expeditions on 29 Aug 2012 - AToulouse-754-1-21-18.w90-55.abo.wanadoo.fr
In reply to Bee_1:
contact dr Raj Joshi. well known mountaineer and director of 360 expeditions. He is the man to point you in the right direction and often has placements for doctors on expeditions to gain in-field experience.

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