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garybdby on 18 Aug 2012 - 02dc6b8a.bb.sky.com
Hi guys
im looking to join/organise a mont blanc summit for next june or sep....this is part of a plan in my 30's to climb the highest mountains in all the alpine countrys.I Would like ideally someone who is qualified to guide in alpine mountains (to make it cheaper).
I am a keen mountaineerer who has done all what britain can offer including winter munroes when serving with the royal marines.
Anyone interested????
Blue - on 26 Aug 2012
In reply to garybdby: You could try asking, on here, nearer to the time. Other option is go out to Cham and hope to meet up wih someone. There's a book in the OHM (Office de haute montagne) in the town center, it's to help people meet up, you write what you want to do or see what others want to do. Friends have used it with success.

In terms of finding someone 'qualified', you won't get that for free, and I'd suggest there's little need. Just someone with some experience.

alastairbegley - on 26 Aug 2012
In reply to garybdby:
You have done all that Britain can offer??
garybdby on 28 Aug 2012 - 02dc6b8a.bb.sky.com
In reply to Foxy: hi m8 i just mean all the highest peaks in britain.....i am very aware that there are very technical peaks to climb in scotland and allot harder than mont blanc ....its just i live and work in s.wales so i only get out to brecon and up to snowden....so i would rather put my money into climbing mont blanc at this moment!
Daithi O Murchu - on 28 Aug 2012
In reply to garybdby:

> ....this is part of a plan in my 30's to climb the highest mountains in all the alpine country's.

does that include Nepal and Afghanistan?
reckless_rat - on 03 Sep 2012
In reply to garybdby: I have an access to an apartment in argentiere and wish to climb mt blanc before I'm 35 (5 years away ) however I'm not that experienced as a climber or mountaineer (I started climbing 18 months ago ) but I would like to join in if you'll except a noob ????
BigHell on 04 Sep 2012
In reply to garybdby:

Complete your profile this may help you find a partner. As for next summer I maybe out there in July, but as a previous poster said its a bit too early to commit. Try to get in as much winter climbing as possible over the next few months and build up your fitness MB is done over two days the second day will be around 14 hrs ....Good luck!
jackcarr on 04 Sep 2012 - 5ac42406.bb.sky.com
In reply to garybdby:

I'd be amazed if you could get a guide to do it for free unless you became very good mates with them beforehand and they were willing to forego their rate.

Depending on the route, MB is just a long slog more than anything. As the poster above me said, the second day is VERY long. Mine was 15 hours - 8 hours up from the Tete Rousse and 7 hours all the way back down to the valley, but its not remotely technically hard, it's just a plod with a bit of scrambling. Not to be trifled with obviously because of the objective dangers and unpredictable nature of mountains, but if you got in a group of 3-4 now and got in some trips together and get comfortable climbing with them by the time you wanted to go, you wouldn't need a guide.

It may be worth getting a guide for a day to show you some alpine skills for the day on a glacier in the week preceding the ascent (you'll need some decent acclimatisation time) but as long as you're all competent and confident you wouldn't really need one for the ascent itself.
Hammy78 - on 07 Sep 2012
In reply to garybdby: I'm heading over next summer as well. I've just come back from climbing it in June. I loved it that much i'm going back over on my own. If you want or if anyone wants to join in, then give me a shout.
Chesher cat on 21 Sep 2012
garybdby: yhm

To anyone else, over there towards the end of June.

FallingUp - on 21 Sep 2012
In reply to garybdby:

I very highly recommend doing mount blanc with UCPA. www.ucpa-vacances dot com i think.

it's cheap, you get excellent instruction, you get quite decent food, they handle all the formalities/bookings and you meet other interested and interesting french-type personages.

i did the two week mt blanc thing with them some time ago. in the end, blanc itself was about the easiest thing we did (for reasons of being in between two groups, i ended up doing it twice - once the 3m way and once the standard goultier rotue).

Chesher cat on 12 Oct 2012
In reply to garybdby:

Seems i am too old!!

Thanks for the link
daniel baker - on 16 Oct 2012
In reply to garybdby:
hi there i have been out to mont blanc the last 2 years and been beaten by weather.I will def be going back next year but would also be interested in your other climbs your looking to do.
Dave Perry - on 16 Oct 2012
In reply to Daithi O Murchu:
Or even NZ, South America, The rockies, the Antarctic, etc.,. But I think we know he means the European alps..

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