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PixieNinja on 19 Aug 2012 - cpc2-dudl5-0-0-cust1305.wolv.cable.virginmedia.com
I've been looking for a new larger backpack 45-60 and just can't seem to find that right one, there's a few that seem to appeal and I really like the look of climbing packs (the Deuter Guide esp) I find them to be more slim fit and less bulgy than some, but really unsure as its mainly for wild camping I want it for.
Any ideas and what do people find comfy? oh and reasonable price too?
gear boy on 20 Aug 2012
In reply to PixieNinja: I would say get a backpacking bag rather than a climbing bag as you are using it backpacking you want the hipbelt and shoulders to work well, and climbing packs tend to reduce in this area for weight

Go to shops try lots on, with weight in, and ideally not those weight bags they use, actually take all your stuff you plan to take, make sure it fits in at the same time, a good shop assistant will not laugh at you for doing this and be happy to spend time making sure adjustable back systems fit you

go for the most comfortable one, in the end they are all just a hole to put stuff in and most of the features are the same nowadays
andyd1970 - on 20 Aug 2012
In reply to PixieNinja: I went Wild Camping the other week and my friend had his Deuter Guide 45+ and he had everything in it and it wall full to the brim. Personally I would look at a pack with a minimum of 60L and have a lower compartment with seperate zipped access to store and retrieve things easier. The other thing to do, is pack the rucksack up in the shop with items you would take to see what the size and weight on your back is like. Lowe Alpine and berghaus seem to do a lot of varients like this.
roddyp on 20 Aug 2012
In reply to PixieNinja: OMM Villain 45+10 is a great lightweight pack that's worth a try. Hipbelt pockets (which I really can't live without now) that can easily swallow hats, compass, jellybabies &c.

xoran - on 20 Aug 2012
In reply to PixieNinja: Osprey Talon 44 is worth a look too. Its a pretty sizable pack with a bottom access zip and all the rest. If you dont stick loads of stuff on the outside its fairly neat as well. I'd deff try it on though as it has fairly lightweight straps, you'd want to be sure they were comfy for you.
wilkesley - on 20 Aug 2012
In reply to andyd1970:

I can easily get everything I need for a 2-3 day trip into my POD Black Ice (50l I think). Personally I prefer single compartment sacks. Definitely agree with taking your stuff to the shop and trying the sack with it all packed in.
Jon Wickham - on 21 Aug 2012
In reply to PixieNinja: Rucksacks are as much (or more) about fit as well as features. As has been said above, go to a decent shop that knows how to fit a pack and try on lots of weighted rucksacks. What works for someone else may not work for you.
PixieNinja on 22 Aug 2012 - cpc2-dudl5-0-0-cust1305.wolv.cable.virginmedia.com
In reply to PixieNinja:
Thanks for advice people, I've been searching round the shops for ages too! I've never thought to take my own stuff to try though, just tend to use the weights there, going with ones that are about the same sizes as my stuff.

currently trying to decide on the Deuter Venture 55+ thats on offer atm
almost sane on 23 Aug 2012 - cpc2-linl1-0-0-cust261.sgyl.cable.virginmedia.com
In reply to PixieNinja:
Another vote for going into the shop with a kit bag full of the gear you would normally take.

questions in order are:

Is the bag comfy empty?
Can you fit all your gear in it?
Is the bag comfy with all your kit in it?
How light is the bag on its own?
How easy is it to get access to the gear you will need when you need it, without having to rummage everywhere? (This is where pockets are handy, as is a bag slightly too big).
How sturdy is the bag?

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