/ Lightweight SMOCK... But how light?

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Murray Walker - on 20 Aug 2012
I am planning a purchase. It will take a lot of research cos thats half the fun!
I want a lightweight Hardshell smock for everything, which is mainly trail running and Alpine mountaineering/ maybe some mild wet Scottish winter.
I am a soft shell/windshirt kind of guy so dont want to live in the thing, but it needs to be tough enough to if needs be.

Does anyone have any experience of 2.5 Layer fabrics (Pertex Shiled, etc) in terms of durability. Was looking at the North Face Triumph Anorak.
What about something like the RAB Demand Pull on, is that too bulky and sweaty for running?

I know next year Montane are doing the Minimus in smock version but it has an under helmet hood. Cant imagine I would want to take my helmet on and off every time I want to change my hood!
beardy mike - on 20 Aug 2012
In reply to Murray Walker: The Demand pullon is a nice piece of kit - just got one myself. It's not being made next year so if you want one... it's made of the same fabric as the Momentum shell which I also have and that has lasted pretty well and seen all sorts of duty. I dunno about pertex shield but I don't think it's as durable - certainly the rab garments in it are a very very light face fabric and it would cut and tear quite easily... great for single use alpine or running/walking when you just need something to chuck on if its raining but I suspect not that much more...
xoran - on 20 Aug 2012
In reply to Murray Walker: Berghaus Asgard Smock? Over the helmet hood, deff aimed at mountaineering from a cut and fit point of view. Can't comment on toughness though.
mit - on 21 Aug 2012
In reply to Murray Walker:

Have a look at the OMM Kamleika Smock:

Jon Wickham - on 21 Aug 2012
In reply to Murray Walker: Trail running and alpine mountaineering are two very different end uses, and few jackets will excell at both. Wanting it to be a smock as well really cuts down on your choice. Most jackets/smocks designed for trail running won't be tough enough for mountaineering and are unlikey to have helmet compatible hoods. As has been said above the Rab Demand Pull on may be a happy medium but won't be very tough due to it's weight. The Berghaus Asgard smock could be a good choice but I believe it has been discontinued so you may struggle to find one. The Crux Torq Smock http://www.crux.uk.com/en/shell-clothing.php?range=8&product=12 might be your best bet, but not many people stokc them. I would suggest forgoing the smock requirement and look at the Arc'teryx Alpha FL or Beta FL Jackets.
beardy mike - on 21 Aug 2012
In reply to Jon Wickham: Actually, as I said - have had a momtentum jacket for a couple of years now, used it for climbing, summer and winter, dog walking, bumming around in the pub etc, and it's held up very well considering how light the fabric is. The Demand is made from exactly the same fabric. I know this for definite as I know the southern rep and he told me this. So I shouldn't be too concerned about the fabric. The weight comes from lack of features, elastic cuffs, a one sided hem drawstring etc. rather than a particularly light fabric... it's much heavier fabric than used in the kinetic products rab do...
xoran - on 21 Aug 2012
In reply to Jon Wickham: Berghaus have the Asgards on sale on their website, but agreed, trying on would be difficult!
sharpie530 - on 21 Aug 2012
In reply to mike kann:

I have been told that the Demand is being replaced by lighter weight pull on which will be a cross between the Kinetic Jacket and the Demand Pull on, but will be a Smock. I was torn between the two jackets as I wanted lightweigh, but prefer smocks. This will hopefully be ideal!
beardy mike - on 21 Aug 2012
In reply to sharpie530: I have seen something like you are talking about, but nobody bought it so it was just a sample, but it was ridiculously small and light for a full shell... don't know if they are bringing it back?
edinburgh_man on 21 Aug 2012
In reply to Murray Walker:

Hi, have you had a look at the Montane Spektr Smock? It looks like just what you describe. (Its very light 210g - half the weight of the Crux smock!)


Also, are you sure the Minimus smock will have an under helmet hood? My Minimus has a full mountain hood that easily fits over a helmet.

sharpie530 - on 23 Aug 2012
In reply to mike kann:

My old boss at an outdoor shop mentioned it to me. Apparently the Rab rep was saying that the Kinetic Jacket should have been brought out as a smock originally. I think it will be made of a new lightweight event fabric, but I might be making that up as it was a while since I was told!
softlad - on 24 Aug 2012
In reply to mike kann: "A cross between the Kinetic (Pertex Shield) and the Demand (smock style)" - I think this could be it: the Pulse Pull-on


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