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jonnylowes - on 22 Aug 2012

I can't teach my girlfriend to climb. I mean this in the same way as I can't teach her to drive. I've enlisted the help of my friends, only to be let down, too busy with other things etc.

She can climb - French 5's and Font 5's in door, but she is really scared of height. She backs off after 3-5m, which is fine, but after number of weeks of trying to do 10-15m roped wall routes, I've started getting a bit frustrated. My frustration isn't helpful to our relationship. She is generally okay at the local bouldering wall.

I'm willing to try, most importantly as is she, but I suggested that maybe we enlist the help of a professional. I was thinking that she might be more comfortable on a female-only course. Was wondering if anyone can make any recommendations? We live near Newcastle upon Tyne, and we are used to travelling to the Lakes/Scotland etc so would consider those locations as well as North East England/Yorkshire.

Many thanks in advance.
AlH - on 22 Aug 2012
In reply to jonnylowes: http://www.smartclimbing.co.uk/menu-main-courses/menu-main-private-coaching specialise in this sort of thing. good technical instruction availble but also a real appreciation of the psychological side and female instructors available.
Richard Alderton - on 22 Aug 2012
In reply to jonnylowes:

I know somebody in Newcastle who might be worth contacting for some informal coaching. He's not a professional (yet) but he has an patient approach and technical knowledge that would put many professionals to shame. He'd certainly be able to work with your girlfriend to build leading confidence and help her with movement, if she needs that.

Give me a shout if you want me to get in touch with him.
Tom Parkin on 23 Aug 2012 -
In reply to jonnylowes:

Hi Jonny,

We are outdoor professionals, specialising in tailored mountaineering/climbing courses, and are based in Northumberland. We have lots of experience with clients who have problems with height issues, and also with the transition between indoor and outdoor climbing.

My husband is an MIC, and I climb myself. I too have had issues with confidence in climbing, and I have experience of working alongside Tom with clients (male and female) on crags in the Lakes, North Wales and Northumberland.

If you'd like to contact us, I'm sure we could be of assistance in some way.


Sharp-Edge intelligent mountaineering
01665 570755

Kayls on 24 Aug 2012
In reply to jonnylowes: I'm a qualified indoor climbing instructor in Newcastle upon tyne, where do you usually climb? kayleigh.
mark v - on 28 Aug 2012
In reply to jonnylowes:

See you have got a response from the Sharp Edge guys Tom and Julie Parkin I have done quite a bit of stuff with them and they are really good and I can whole heartedly recomend them, good teachers, very safe and a good sense of hunour.

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