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alanlgm on 28 Aug 2012 - cpc2-basl10-2-0-cust22.basl.cable.virginmedia.com
I am looking to go to Portland next month and will be taking my motorhome its a big beast of a thing and i was wondering if anyone knew what the parking was like near the different climbing areas.

the camper is 20ft long

can anyone tell me the best places for me to park or the places to avoid.

I am not looking for overnight stays as i will get a proper site for that i am just looking at using it as transport to and from the crags.

any advice greatly appreciated

Jon_Warner - on 29 Aug 2012
In reply to alanlgm:

Hi Alan, it depends where you climb. You'll struggle with some of the main crag car parks, off the top of my head cheyne wears will be worst as 6ft height access and not much alternative without a fair walk.

The cuttings car park also has a 6ft height and the blacknor south car park won't take something 20ft. For cuttings there is nearby residential parking and blacknor can be walked to from battleship parking but try to be respectful of the locals.

You'll have no problem parking at the southmost car park i.e. cave hole access, it's full of motorhomes, buses etc. you can dws from there or trek to some of the crags.

Hope that helps.
alanlgm on 29 Aug 2012 - cpc2-basl10-2-0-cust22.basl.cable.virginmedia.com
Thanks Jon

Thats exactly the kind of info i was after.

Quiddity - on 29 Aug 2012
In reply to alanlgm:

From a centralish location on Portland you can walk to pretty much all of the climbing within 30 mins or so.

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