/ Panasonic GF3 or something else?

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Phil Payne - on 04 Sep 2012
I'm thinking about getting a new camera and want something that can do decent video. In fact, the video quality is almost more important than photo side, because it will mainly be used on a radio controlled drone/hexacopter for filming stuff and taking the odd aerial photo.

I like the GF3 because of the small size and weight, which is a crucial determining factor. I'd prefer a good compact camera and have been looking at the Sony RX100, but don't think I can stretch to that.

I currently use a GoPro HD camera, which produces great videos, but I don't like the wide angle lens that distorts everything and it's no very good for taking photos.

I know that one of the most popular cameras currently used by other guys that do the same is the NEX5 with the 16mm lens, but again it's a bit more than I want to spend and a bit bigger and heavier than what I would like.

What else is on the market that could do the job?
ChrisJD on 04 Sep 2012
In reply to Phil Payne:

Looks like the GF3 would be ideal (they go cheap on eBay), especially with hack options:


(I use an old GF-1 & 20mm lens as my compact)

I've also got an HD Hero2 for biking - much improved quality and there are field of view options - but images/video won't match the GF-3.
Phil Payne - on 04 Sep 2012
In reply to ChrisJD: I guess that doing the hack would invalidate any warranty?

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.