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Zen on 15 Sep 2012 - b0fa4fcb.bb.sky.com
Hi everyone!

I'm brand new here and brand new to climbing. I started on the indoor walls at my local Xscape in Glasgow a fortnight ago to overcome my fear of heights and after thirty minutes of climbing my booking time was up, so I had to leave but I was absolutely itching to go back as soon as I had walked out. I'm now a member and hope to take up the sport at least twice a week, every week.

On my first climb I managed a 5+; on my second I began my membership and started to climb the majority of 6a+ climbs bar one or two with trickier crux's; on my third and most recent climb I was starting to push through some tricky 6b's and I now feel it's time to take the sport a little more seriously, I'm completely hooked!

I have few questions though:

1) What gear is worth buying? I only intend to climb indoor and perhaps bouldering walls (trying for the first time next week) for the time being so I'm unsure whether footwear, my own harness, chalk etc. would be worth investing in?

2) Does anyone know of any small-ish (still have a bit of vertigo, easy does it...) outdoor climbs in or near the Glasgow area suitable for beginners?

3) I'm a very light guy (8-and-a-half stone) and 5'8" tall, is there any advice for someone of my build or any obstacles I'll face with my stature when it comes to climbing?

Thanks in advance,

stonemaster - on 15 Sep 2012
In reply to Zen: Well done. A good pair of shoes and a chalk bag/chalk ball for starters. There is a good deal for a chalk bag from the For Sale/Wanted section. Good luck.
JLS on 15 Sep 2012
In reply to Zen:

I think you'd be better climbing at Ibrox wall and/or TCA. I don't think many (any) serious climbers climb at X-cape. Seeing/meeting more serious climbers climbing well will help you improve.

Being light is generally a good thing! I doubt it will hold you back. Light weak climber tend to learn good technique quicker than burly strong guys.

Here are some places where people start climbing though you'll need a fair bit of gear and some education if you are to avoid killing yourself...


Dumbarton Rock is good for bouldering but can be a bit intimidating at first.

Check out the Neil Gresham training DVDs and find a good rock climbing technique book for the knots and stuff.

Get a pair of shoes, a harness, belay plate and krab and a chalk bag. It getting a bit late in the year for outdoor rock climbing in Scotland so I would take your time in getting other gear together as you wont use it much before next march.

Good luck

JLS on 15 Sep 2012
In reply to JLS:

I think your xscape membership with be valid at Ibrox as its run by the same people.
mark s - on 16 Sep 2012
In reply to Zen: bouldering will teach you technique,
boots harness,belay plate,chalk bag and chalk is all you need
as for your weight,the lighter the better.strength comes from your finger power.no point having strong arms if your fingers are weak.
just concentrate on climbing as much as possible,you will progress fast as you learn to climb
Zen on 18 Sep 2012 - b0fa0031.bb.sky.com
Thanks very much for your info and help, I'm going to The Climbing Academy on Monday to try bouldering for the first time with a friend, we'll see how I get on.

Thanks again!

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