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lee birtwistle - on 21 Sep 2012
Hi all

Did the Coast to Coast last weekend and finished in a time of 16h 53mins. Last year I had only done a bit of running so with a mate we entered this years event. We spent the last year training most weekends going from the run a minute walk a minute run (I chose the Keith Lemon lamppost technique). Eventually our times were pretty good with us running 7miles in just over 1hour. Our cycling time also improved. The event isn't cheap and I know it isn't everyones cup of tea - cost being an issue, but in reality it only cost me £3 quid a week towards entry and I also got fit again out of it.

If anyone does read this and decides it looks fun and it was - look it up , then give it a go. Its inspired me to do some more similar type events. Some of the ones mentioned on here look good too.

One thing I would say is find some hills to run / trek up - then find a steeper longer one for training - the same with the cycling. I diswcovered this type of event is all about stamina/endurance and not all about times.

Thats all really

PS - My mate Mike was the reason we did this event. Last year he was in hospital with Pneumonia and on an ITU. When he got out we said we needed to get fit again. We got caught in the classic 30 - 40 year/age thing.
Mike did it in 14hrs 16mins and is in the Coventry half marathon next month.

Don't grow old unhealthily
Grow old disgracefully - thats what Lycras for.
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Thugitty Jugitty on 21 Sep 2012
In reply to lee birtwistle:

Well done. How did you get on in the paddling parts of the course?
lee birtwistle - on 21 Sep 2012
In reply to Turdus torquatus: The first bit across Loch Ness was ok. The second across Loch Leven at the end of day 2 was a bit brutal - mostly down to running on fumes and into the wind. We'd borrowed a couple of canoes so had a bit of practice before hand
frankcp87 - on 23 Sep 2012
In reply to lee birtwistle: I did the first one, i think about 3 years ago? It was awesome, had a great atmosphere. Well done guys!

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