/ New thermarest-type sleeping mat advice?

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JohnnyW - on 24 Sep 2012
My old Vango 3/4 self-inflating mat has finally given up the ghost, and I want to replace it.

I am a stocky lad, so to get a comfortable night in say a bothy, I use a thin cheap full length rollmat, and then the 3/4 to give me a tad more cushioning. I know this may seem a bit over-kill, but it works for me, and the weight is negligible, (though the bulk is an issue I suppose)

Soooo, should I go for a full length mat, and is so, which one? Would it do wiyhout the rollmat addition comfy-wise?

Or should I just doff it, and get a better quality rollmat, which has crossed my mind?
More-On - on 24 Sep 2012
In reply to JohnnyW: I'd go full length. Given the choice (and money) I'd get either an Exped downmat or the new Thermarest Xtherm as they give comfort and insulation. If money is an issue (when isn't it!) then any cheaper self inflating mat from Thermarest/Multimat/Alpkit and a host of others would do you I'd say. Try them in a shop and see which you like (just like most things...) as there aren't any really bad ones out there.
the real slim shady - on 24 Sep 2012
In reply to JohnnyW: the alpkit numo looks really comfortable and weighs less than most others, but is not self-inflating so you need to blow it up. I have never used one but I cnat imagine it being that much of a problem for a reasonably fit person
Bimble on 24 Sep 2012
In reply to JohnnyW:

I use an Alpkit Base 180, and whilst not the lightest, it's comfy enough & cheap
JohnnyW - on 25 Sep 2012
In reply to JohnnyW:

Don't mind blowing them up if they work, that's the point really. Do you get a much better product for the extra dosh I suppose?
SFM - on 25 Sep 2012
In reply to JohnnyW:

Comfort wise the Thermarest on it's own would be fine.
If you mostly tend to kip on bothy floors then maybe sticking with the karrimat to protect from punctures is a good idea. Also provides better insulation(I find anyway).

All that said the exped synmat is really comfy. Weighs about 800g and 2 litres in size though. Takes about 5mins to inflate...noisily.

ripper - on 25 Sep 2012
In reply to JohnnyW: Alpkit Dirtbag seems a decent compromise to me - full length and reasonable thick without being too bulky when packed down. it's also slightly wedge shaped to give more padding under the top half of your body and less under your feet, and cheapish too (no i don't work for them!)
RhysRolfe - on 26 Sep 2012
In reply to JohnnyW: I have the thermarest xlite in a large size comfort wise its spot on, i havent used it in the cold yet but think worst case is a cheap foam mat needs to be brought along too.
It wasnt cheap but i think it was worth it as a replacement for my alpkit wedge its walmer, lighter and less bulky.

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