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littleclare - on 29 Sep 2012
Any suggestions for a pair of crampons for smaller feet. By cutting the extension bar right down I have just about made my G14s fit my size 38 boots. However need to buy something similar for my daughter who has size 4 feet! (she'll want them for british stuff up to grade 6)
D.Andrew - on 30 Sep 2012
In reply to littleclare: All you needed to do was take the bars out, swap them over and turn them up side down. Needed to do this with my G12's to fit m missus size 5 boots.
Ander on 30 Sep 2012
In reply to littleclare:

Apparently Petzl Lynx fit many small boots well.

Remember it's about more than just the length. My gf found thatsabretooths fitted her size 4 boots really snug, but the bail could move around, and so the crampon would fall off in use. Fixed this by switching the bails for those off my G12's.
Joss - on 30 Sep 2012
In reply to cragmonkey84:
Gutted for you, as mentioned- you didnt need to cut the bar. I walked into v12 once when a woman was just about to do this to her brand new crampons with a hacksaw. I think the problem is that theres no mention of this technique supplied with the crampons:


gear boy on 02 Oct 2012
In reply to: this can work on the modern bar, in the old days we used to put a bolt through the first hole to save cutting

But on size 4 it may be an issue that the front and back sections combined total length is still too long, grivel tend to have longer front sections than Petzl charlet, other options are to look are modern super tech crampons with short front sections, such as G20 or dart models, you may still need to be inventive
Liz Lowe - on 02 Oct 2012
In reply to littleclare: I have size 4 feet and Black Diamond Seracs fit my boots really well. They're a tiny bit heavier, as they're stainless steel (no rusting!) but it's really not noticeable (as well as having small feet, I don't weigh much, so carrying extra weight can be an issue). I know very little about crampons though, so don't know if they'd be suitable for what your daughter needs...
ceri - on 02 Oct 2012
In reply to littleclare: I have size 4.5 boots (nepal extreme boots) and put a bolt through the bar of my G12s to make them fit. They only just fit though. Also, my boots fit with the assistance of insoles and the thickest pair of smartwool socks money can buy. This is a useful technique for people with small feet which are still growing or get cold easily!
Charlotte G on 02 Oct 2012
In reply to littleclare:
I've got size 3 feet, but my winter boots are size 37 1/2. Turning the bars on both my G12's and G14's works well but it's probably the limit (bas is all the way down to the back of the crampon. So depending on whether you end up with size 37 or 37 1/2 it may or may not work, but try it out in the shop?
iksander on 02 Oct 2012

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