/ El Chorro Floods and Road Access

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Melanie Byrne - on 02 Oct 2012
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Its Mel at The Olive Branch in El Chorro responding to lots of emails asking about the recent floods in Alora and road access through Alora and into EL Chorro.

We can confirm that the roads were not affected and are clear so there is no problem getting from Malaga to El Chorro by road or train.

There is one back road from El Chorro towards Valle de Abdalajis and down to Alora that collapsed 2 years ago and still hasn't been repaired. There is a photo of this road that has been circulating.

Desplomilandia is also still open currently and people are climbing there.

The floods in Alora are in the barriada (village) behind the train station which became completely submerged after the river broke its banks and tore away an 80 year old Iron Bridge. Residents had to climb on to their roofs and into trees to be rescued, one was our friends mother! Sadly 2 people died and many have lost their homes.

Friends of ours in the next village on the Abdalajis road, Las Angosturras, were also flooded. The Arroyo behind them broke its banks and a boulder became lodged in just the right position to divert the river down through a group of 6 houses, 2 of which are our friends. They are now buried under 3 feet of water, mud and rocks. Its horrible to see the damage, you don't realise how devastating it is to lose everything until you see it. Our thoughts go out to everyone. Mel and Gary The Olive Branch Guesthouse El Chorro

biscuit - on 02 Oct 2012
In reply to Melanie Byrne:

I'll back that up Mel. I drove to El Chorro via the reservoirs ( desplo way ) two days after the floods, all fine. I then drove down to Malaga and back that night. All roads were fine.

Also fine out to Valle De Abdalajis, as that's the way i went home. SOme debris on the road but nothing to worry about.

The photo that is doing the rounds has been a standing joke for years and is on a minor road that has no bearing on getting too and from Malaga or climbing.

All the best to those affected.
niallG on 04 Oct 2012
In reply to biscuit:

I must have seen more wing mirrors lost on the abdalajis road than anywhere else in my life. Ha- none of them were mine! This road is an artwork. It should be on PS3

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