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jules699 - on 12 Oct 2012
Any advice on if the weather near nice/monaco is ok for climbing in november please?
Nick_Scots on 12 Oct 2012
In reply to jules699: Cap Drammont ?
kenr - on 13 Oct 2012
Not exactly Nice, but close by ... last couple of years I've gone to the Calanques + Toulon in late November early December and had a great time.
Helps to have good guidebooks that make it easy to find which cliffs are south-facing and which ones are sheltered from the typical wind direction of that season.

In case you might be looking for a partner for some days (esp mid-week when my French partners are not available), I'll likely be around starting mid-Novemeber, and I do have guidebooks for Cote d'Azur (and nearby Finale Ligure), also single and double ropes, sport + trad rack, and car.


P.S. For some reason this year I'm a bit afraid it might be colder, so I've been thinking about contingency plans to warmer places, but so far what I've found is that it's expensive + inconvenient to get from Nice to Sardegna or Sicily. And that Finale is actually _north_ of Nice. Which leaves the idea that the Calanques and Toulon are significantly closer (than Nice) for driving southwest to Spain / Barcelona.
Andy Say - on 13 Oct 2012
In reply to jules699:
Hope so. And early December, please
Rog Wilko on 13 Oct 2012
In reply to jules699: This gives you an idea http://www.climate-charts.com/Locations/f/FR07690.php
15'C daily max sounds quite nice when you factor in the more than even chance of some sunshine. But you have to remember that whatever the climatic averages suggest, everywhere has weather as well as climate.
Fraser on 13 Oct 2012
In reply to jules699:

I've been there a few times at that time of year and have generally had very good weather, I'd say ideal temps in fact. One day on one trip, it rained in the morning, but the rock dries very quickly and were climbing again an hour after it stopped. There are many crags in the sun or the shade round that neck of the woods...take your pick!
Simon Rackley - on 13 Oct 2012
In reply to jules699: I went there last december and the weather was brill. hope you have fun.

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