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CrankCrimp - on 19 Oct 2012

Having a few problems with car insurance and wondering if anyone can offer advice.

I took out my policy last month, paid a deposit of £200 and sent off all the appropriate documents. Just had a call off the insurance this morning saying that my policy has been cancelled as they haven't received my proof of no claims and i need to take out a new policy. All though this is annoying, I was lenient with it and said I would do that as it's no ones fault the post got lost. However, they are now saying my deposit isn't transferable and I need to pay that again. So effectively, £200 has just gone in to thin air. This doesn't sound right to me and was wondering if there was a way around it.

Thanks, Will
richyfenn on 19 Oct 2012
In reply to CrankCrimp:

Wow that sounds harsh. In personal experience I've been contacted a couple of times when I hadn't sent documents in giving me the chance to get it sorted (which I did and it wasn't cancelled). You should argue that they haven't bothered trying to contact you to resolve it before just going ahead and cancelling.

If all else fails tell them if they can't transfer it that you'll go elsewhere, this usually get such firms doing what they can to keep your business. And do be prepared to leave, they need a lesson.

I don't know all the ins and outs, but do check the small print though. Good luck.
thin bob on 19 Oct 2012
In reply to CrankCrimp:
moneysavingexpert.com might have some advice.

Personally, I'd write & ask for the deposit back / transferred. If not possible, say you consider it an impasse and will contact the insurance ombudsman.
balmybaldwin - on 19 Oct 2012
In reply to CrankCrimp:

firstly, make a formal complaint (it doesn't have to be in writing, and make a note of time and date of call , who you were speaking to etc.

They will then try to resolve this complaint (asap). If they do not, then go to the insurance ombudsman, this is a free service.

You are entitled to a return of your deposit less the period of insurance (from when you arranged cover, to the cancellation date) unless your insurance is stupidly high, this will be a significant proportion of your deposit, but it will NOT be all of your deposit, as you were under cover for the period.

If you have provided your No claims by, yet they are claiming not to have received it, you can ask them to contact your previous insurer for these details.

Also, did you arrange cover through a broker or directly with the insurance co? if the former, it could be the brokers fault the docs haven't arrived, in which case you need to make it clear that it's their problem, not yours.

Moggsy on 20 Oct 2012 - b0fd89ae.bb.sky.com
In reply to CrankCrimp:

I would be reluctant to walk away, it definitely won't "teach them a lesson" most insurance companies have a better credit rating than your bank or most countries, so your £200 isn't going to rock the boat.

However the ombudsman is a shout... Although it isn't called this in this world. What you need to say is "I believe your actions to be in contradiction to the Financial Serivces Authoirity directives on Treating Customers a Fairly. This is my notification to you of a complaint. Please can you arrange the appropriate paperwork to record this complaint and resolve ASAP with (tell them what you want here) as I currently have no insurance provision as a result of your actions (ie loss of my documents).

Then report them to the FSA if it's not sorted - fairly confident that will do the trick though..
andy - on 20 Oct 2012
In reply to Moggsy: The FSA won't act on an individual complaint - got through the insurer's complaints policy until you get their final response (which should be within 8 weeks) then take it to the insurance ombudsman.

The FSA will just tell you to go to the ombudsman.

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