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llamaglama - on 22 Oct 2012
In my current state of boredom (I'm trying to write my Phd thesis and finish off lab work) I have started painting custom designs on rock boots. So far I have done a few pairs for my friends, both the Marmite and Sonic the Hedgehog pairs getting particular acclaim.

I'm just interested in whether anyone considers this a viable venture? What prices would people be willing to pay? Etc. There are all sorts of places to get hand made chalk bags but no one ever seems to bother with the shoes.

Plus I'm procrastinating by posting this...

lukas richardo - on 22 Oct 2012
In reply to llamaglama: umm... Nice idea if you've got what it takes to make a quality product. I suspect very few 'punters' would be willing to pay big bucks for custom shoes. I'd reckon the real market would be amongst top grade climbers which limits your market but obviously the numbers are increasing all the time as climbing becomes even more mass participation. I'd of thought sponcered climbers already have custom footbeds that the brands use to make their shoes. But on a small scale hobbies basis you might be on to a winner. Twinned with a resoling venture you might even have a business model. I probably pay around a hundred quid if I knew you. That's pretty normal for technical shoes anyway so basically I don't think you'd get a premium for the custom bit. Best of luck though. Now back to work slacker, do you want to be a dr or not!
lukas richardo - on 23 Oct 2012
In reply to lukas richardo: oh painting shoes, now I feel silly.
JamieSparkes - on 23 Oct 2012

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