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girlymonkey - on 25 Oct 2012
Ok, so my guides make tray bakes for a coffee morning every year. Problem is the oven in the guide hut is rubbish, so we need no-bake recipes. We have the usual rocky road, peppermint creams, caramel shortbread etc. I'm getting bored of these though, does anyone have any more interesting recipes that could be made with just a hob and microwave, and will keep for a couple of days once made? (and can be made in a couple of hours by teenage girls?!)
climbingpixie on 25 Oct 2012
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If you have access to a fridge then what about making something like chocolate truffles?
PixieNinja on 25 Oct 2012 - cpc3-dudl5-0-0-cust143.16-1.cable.virginmedia.com
In reply to girlymonkey: was looking for similar stuff a few months back...


There's a pudding section
PiercedRich on 25 Oct 2012 - 93-186-31-80.rdns.blackberry.net
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I've done a easy cheesecake with my Explorers. I think it was a carnation recipe and on their website or youtube.

Make the biscuit base (digestives although I like to add ginger nuts) using crushed biscuits and melted butter.

For the topping, mix one tub of philidelphia with one squeezy bottle of carnation condensed milk. Mix well.

Add lemon or lime zest and juice, this thickens it.

Pour onto base and put in the fridge, should be ready within an hour (30 min in the freezer).

Garnish with fruit/chocolate/sauce/whatever and you're done.
Ben Sharp - on 26 Oct 2012
In reply to girlymonkey: Ever had 'Nakd' bars, they're quite expensive to buy but the recipe is on the back of the packet! Basically grind up (or blitz if poss) dates, raisins, nuts and cocoa powder then mash it into a tin or balls. I used to make fruity flapjacks for going away but these replaced them as they're much easier and tastier.

If you want to get "foodie" about it. Add some white chocolate to a basic sponge mix and microwave it (although it would probably be better in even a rubbish oven in tray bake tins). Make a pastry cream (whisk egg yolks, sugar and flour, add hot milk/cream and then put back on the hob and stir till it's thick) and grate milk chocolate into it while it's hot. Let the cake cool and cut it into really thin slices, like 1-2mm, then sandwich the whole thing together and cut it into fingers before coating in melted chocolate. There's quite a few stages to that but each one is impossible to screw up, the cake is getting cut up so doesn't need to be perfect and pastry cream is stable and difficult to make a mess of.

Mini chocolate ├ęclairs go well as tray bakes and would be fun to fill/decorate. Although depending on how old guides are these days possibly might need to deep fry the dough yourself.

Ben Sharp - on 26 Oct 2012
P.S a bought in rectangular slab of Madeira cake makes the second recipe a lot easier (although is something of a sacrilege).
obi-wan nick b - on 26 Oct 2012
In reply to girlymonkey:Ask local companies for the donation of a new oven?
jkarran - on 26 Oct 2012
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Stotties and Sodabread if you have some nice heavy bottomed pans.
Ramblin dave - on 26 Oct 2012
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> (In reply to girlymonkey)
> If you have access to a fridge then what about making something like chocolate truffles?


Failing that, tiffin.
rockchomper on 27 Oct 2012 - whois?
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crush up (beat up in the bag!)
healthy cereal, eg fruit n fibre, fruit alpen etc
OR unhealthy cereal, eg choc nut krave, frosted choc shreddies
add extra dried fruit, eg cranberries, apricots etc
add extra nuts, eg flaked almonds, mixed crushed nuts
add crushed digestives
add enough pineapple or mango (or any non acidic juice) to make this stick together
add A LITTLE melted white cooking chocolate to help set
put mix into cake cases and fridge for 1-2 hours.
great/cheap as a pack snack.
tlm - on 28 Oct 2012
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You can bake pretty good cakes in a microwave, as long as you slightly underdo them...

lost1977 - on 28 Oct 2012
girlymonkey - on 28 Oct 2012
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some great ideas here guys, this should keep us going for several coffee mornings!! thanks
andic - on 28 Oct 2012
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rice crispies glued together with melted marsbars (use some butter) and topped with galaxy and smarties mmmmnnn

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