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James Malloch - on 30 Oct 2012
Has anyone done one, or anything similar?

I'm currently a Maths undergraduate who massively regrets not deciding to study geology. I've managed to find the said course at Leeds Uni which I would be allowed to do with a Math degree.

I have done Geology to A-Level but I was wondering what kind of Maths was actually used and if geophysics is more Math or Geology based? I'm going to an open day in a few weeks but thought I'd try to find out a bit about it prior to that. The modules are on this link, http://webprod3.leeds.ac.uk/catalogue/dynprogrammes.asp?P=MSC-EXP-GPH , if anyone was interested.

Any views would be appreciated.
EllenW - on 30 Oct 2012
In reply to James Malloch: maths. Better that way round than as a (ex)geologist who wished they done more maths!
andic - on 30 Oct 2012
In reply to James Malloch:

I expect you will be well qualified, I do a lot of DFT and am jealous of those who have had formal maths training.

I suppose the course requires a good grasp of differential eqns
rossh - on 31 Oct 2012
In reply to James Malloch:

Geophysicists tend to come from a variety of backgrounds. Some come at it from a geology background and others from more of a physics/maths background. Geophysics involves many different fields of mathematics, e.g. statistics, vector calculus, inverse theory, partial differential equations. Some geophysicists are essentially mathematicians applying mathematical methods to geophysical problems, others like myself are more focused on the applied side of geophysics. So it is really a very varied subject and you can really focus on whichever aspect of the subject interests and suits you best.

I don't think your maths background will put you at any disadvantage on this course and you will probably find it easier than someone coming off a geology degree who does not know much about maths or physics. Of course there will be bits of the course you will be less familiar with but this will just require a bit of catching up. I believe this course is very highly rated and I would definitely recommend it over a geology masters for someone with your background.
wbo - on 31 Oct 2012
In reply to James Malloch: I do not think you will have any issues. The geophysicists I work with come from both maths and geology backgrounds.
Doug on 31 Oct 2012
In reply to James Malloch: Friend of mine did the same MSc many years ago after a Maths first degree, went on to work in geophysics for a while but then returned to academia for a PhD & now works in IT
abh - on 31 Oct 2012
In reply to James Malloch:

I don't think it will make that much difference....I am doing a BSc in Geology as a mature student amd I am doing an Exploration Geophysics module.

I think if you understand all the maths and physics part of it, you can pick up the geology part of it quite quickly, and am sure the MSc will be even more Maths/ Physics based. I even think my tutor for this course is a mathmetician/ physicist turned 'geologist'

Does the Course-amble tell you what will be involved too? BTW, I think there are other Uni's which do this kind of course too....

I am sure there are people more qualified on this site to advise than me, but I'm sure if you do this, it will open a world (literally) of exciting jobs.

Anyway, good-luck


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